Cancer hats, cancer scarves, medical headwear for hair loss. Scarves for cancer, chemotherapy, alopecia, trichotillomania and other cancer patients.

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We love to hear from BeauBeau® wearers who enjoy the comfort and style of our products. Here are a few letters we'd like to share with you.

"My 5 year old daughter, Madison, suffers from Alopecia. Anybody that suffers from Alopecia directly or in-directly knows that self esteem and confidence is one of the biggest hurdles."


Got the scarves!  Thank you so much for your help.  I was so glad your manufacturer could make more of the Diva Du Jour.  I absolutely love not only the pattern, but the material. So soft, so comfortable to wear.

I get many compliments on my scarves. If I can't have hair, beaubeau's make a pretty good alternative.



Sandi  September

I love them!!!!  People tell me all the time that they love them.  A girl at my fish store didn't recognize me and thought I was just some lady stylin and rockin a head scarf!!!!   I always say?."it sucks when you're worn out and have no hair.  The beaubeau kinda makes you feel normal and a little more feminine??"


Dear Susan:

Thank you! I absolutely love the scarves! I get compliments on these everywhere I go! It's nice to have more options than just wigs!

Lisa 2015

Dear Susan

A patient of mine told me about your head scarves. I commented on how amazing hers was and asked her where she got it which lead to me to your website. She is a member of a young adult cancer support group and they tried a lot of head scarves and found yours to be the best. Thank you for doing what you do!


I wanted to tell you that I received the 4 scarves that I ordered last week and I love them. I have a few ordered from other companies, but yours are by far the best. The fit is perfect and comfortable. The workmanship and quality is outstanding. Finally, the fabrics are beautiful and so fun. Honestly, adding the scrunchie is brilliant. I will be ordering more. Thank you for such a wonderful product.


When I first developed Alopecia Universalis, it was not a good time.  After trying wigs I mostly wore bandanas and hats.  Then I found BeauBeaus  on the NAAF website.  Comfy and good looking. 

A year and a  half later, my eyebrows returned and my eyelashes. And then my  hair grow back-not thick and wavy, but it was hair.  I carefully packed away my favorite scarves and BeauBeaus.  Over the next few years I shared  my BeauBeaus. One went to a friend with alopecia, and several went to women who were on chemotherapy.  One woman told me that this was the best scarf she had  and the most comfortable.

My favorite BeauBeau I did keep, one for yoga class, the Run Around Brown exercise BeauBeau.  And that was good because my hair all fell out again this past summer. It?s still not great.  I really miss my eyelashes.  However I have options, and BeauBeaus are my favorite option.

So now I am ordering some new BeauBeaus,  however my favorite, Round Around Brown, gets the most comments and compliments.

Thank You ,Susan, for helping us bald headed ladies look great and feel better,




Jean 2/1/15

Just a note to thank you so very much for your creations. I'm an ER nurse with  a recent Alopecia Universalis diagnosis. I lost approximately 80% of my hair in 60 days! I'm fairly new to my job so my co-workers were trying to be so very polite and not come right out and ask about my hair loss!  I lived in Saudi Arabia for a while so I'm quite fine with rocking headscarves.  I love your batik prints as they go so well with my scrubs. Thanks again for this great design.

Tanya 08-08-14

Thank you for creating such beautiful scarves. My Mom battled cancer for 5 years and her fight ended last week. I was so thankful to have found your site. My Mom loved your scarves and was so proud every time someone commented on how beautiful they were (which was often).  Even the little thinks, like your scarves made such a positive impact on my Mom's fight.


Your scarves are great! They made a huge difference for me when I was going thru chemo 4 years ago. I always recommend them to others.


Dear Susan,

I have been searching for something my 3 year old daughter Abby with alopecia would enjoy wearing. She is loving the beau beau and she looks adorable. The fabric is great and she loves the "pony tail" features.  This will be life changing and bring her much joy. 

Thank you!



Dear Susan

Thank you so much for considering me for this honor.

On October 21, 2011, I found a lump in my breast. It was cancer. I was supposed to have a lumpectomy and five days of radiation. Unfortunately, the biopsy of the tumor revealed a progesterone, estrogen and hertz positive tumor that needed to be treated with two rounds of chemo, a year of herceptin and six weeks of radiation.

 When my hair began to fall out, I tried a few different styles of wigs. I felt like a child playing dress-up. I also tried a variety of scarves, hats, etc. nothing seemed to reflect me until I tried the beaubeau scarves.

 I was "challenged" at tying regular scarves and the beaubeau had the elastic and a scrunchy. I watched the videos how to change the look could do this! Then I looked at the colors, patterns, materials. Neat! I can choose to turn something bad into a chance to accessorize! I could even go swimming with the Swimbeau! Now I have beaubeaus in every color, many of the prints and most of the exercise offerings.

 I went through the treatments and expected to have my hair grow back. I had been thinning on top prior to cancer, but now was very bald on top. I was diagnosed with lichen plano pilaris which is a result of the chemo, and alopecia. I am under a dermatologist's care and have some regrowth but not enough.

 I'm blessed to be alive! I'm blessed with my wonderful family! My husband Pat, my daughter Kelsey, and my mother are in the picture below. I am also blessed with amazing friends who never failed to help, from preparing meals when I was so sick, to sending cards, and being my cheer section. I am blessed with my doctors who were always kind and masters in their field.

 The beaubeaus are a great blessing in my life. They let me feel a confidence in myself that I had lost when my hair fell out.

 Thank you so very much!!!!!




Thank you so much for telling me about that scarf, it's exactly the one I was looking for and just ordered it.  Thank you again for creating these wonderful scarves. I'm a Southern girl, originally from Georgia, and we've always believed that the "higher the hair, the closer to god" :) So I always had to have "big and poufy" hair.  But, your scarves have made me feel lovely during such a difficult time! Thank you and happy holidays.





My scarves arrived late yesterday.  They are even more beautiful than they appear on the computer!  I really love the  colors and prints of these scarves.  Sometimes they match so well that it looks as though I had them specially made for my native clothes! 

Thank you again,




Thank you for creating something so lovely. Today someone was complimenting on of your scarves and I said, "I know, I may never go back!"  The wish list feature is extremely helpful.  All it took was one mention on my blog and i think I have 8 new scarves coming my way~  It was a nice way to "let people help"...which has not exactly been easy for me!

So thanks again. Keep up the great work!




I received the scarf today. I wanted to thank you for the fast processing of the order!! I ordered it late Saturday Night and it was processed and shipped on Monday, receive the package today (Wednesday).  That's just awesome!! Thank you for the lovely products and the great customer service.

Can't thank you enough.


I want to thank you for the two beautifully gift wrapped scarves I received here in Brazil. They are well made, wash well,  easy to put on and comfortable to wear. Your scarves have given me a confidence in a very trying time in my life.  Thank you again.




Chesla, Brazil

Thanks so much for my scarves. I just love them.  I don't know what I would have done without these. I get so many compliments.  I will be happy to leave your brochures at my oncologists office. Last time, I left them they were gone before my appointment was over. Thanks again for making such a lovely product for women who lose their hair to chemotherapy. 

Mary, FL

I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer last February, at age 41. I found the tumor myself and we knew soon that cancer was in a lymph node, too. My husband and I found an oncologist and a clinical trial that we felt good about and I've been lucky through it all to have plenty of support and resources.

But I was so worried about our children in those first few weeks that I could hardly breathe.

paradise-found-in-chocolate-and-aqua-power.JPGOnce we assured our 6-year-old son that he couldn't catch cancer, he stayed blissfully unconcerned for a few months. It was tougher for our daughter. At 8-years-old, she asked some heartbraking questions, but her most vocal concerns were about hair loss. She begged me to have a wig ready to put as soon as I shaved my head. So I spent $500 on a wig. I hated it.

Searching for an alternative, I tried giant cotton scarves, beanies, strecthy tubes of fabric and hats with ponytails attached. Finally, I read about BeauBeau scarves in an online support group.

Paradise Found Chocolate arrived first and my daughter and I both loved how it looked - it's still my dressy favorite. It was wrapped in pink tissue with the sparkly Aqua Power scarf, which my daughter claimed as her own. I knew then that I'd never have to wear the wig. When I first wore So Scarlet, she said, "You look beautiful, Mommy. It suits you." Best compliment ever. My favorite, though, is my Grape Rush Exercise BeauBeau. Stretchy and machine-washable, it catches sweat, but doesn't slide or show sweat stains. When I'm hiking in the woods, it just looks like a cool head scarf and I feel strong and normal. Not like a cancer patient at all.


Six months of neoadjuvant chemotherapy, plus a bilateral mastectomy and removal of 8 lymph nodes on September 28th, helped me start Breast Cancer Awareness month cancer-free. My family is all breathing easier and no one cares anymore what is or isn't on my head. Still, I wore my favorite BeauBeau just yesterday. A week after my surgery, I can raise my arms enough to slide it on before a long walk. Nothing's better than getting back to normal.

Maybe my wig will finally get used on Halloween.


Nicole Yates

More about my cancer story at


Dear Susan:

Thank you so much for writing back to me and checking on the scrunchie.  Truly, I can't begin to tell you how many compliments I've received on the scarves.  They really are exceptional. They're comfortable and they are so beautiful.  I feel wonderful wearing them.

Of course, they told me I'd lose all of my hair and to be prepared, so I bought two wigs and ordered hats and scarves (it wasn't until later that I found your amazing site). The wigs I packed back in their boxes - never worn. I would look in  the mirror and it didn't feel like me.  Your scarves make it fun to put an outfit together. 

There's an Ethiopian saying... "When spiders unite they can tie up a lion.".  I have been so blessed to have the support of so many loving people.

You're certainly a part of that group I treasure.

Till soon.



I am starting my first chemo tomorrow and my first beaubeaus arrived today.  I am so thrilled with them, I have just completed my second order.  Overseas service has been excellent and our designs and fit are far superior to anything else I have seen. Many thanks and I'm sure I will be ordering more.

Val  UK



Wearing my FAVORITE beaubeau!

Thank you



Hi Susan:

Thanks so much!  I am thrilled to be able to go on vacation and not have to worry about wearing a wig at the pool or beach. I know you must hear this all the time but it is life changing to be able to wear a cute swim cap that matches swimsuits and not have people stare at you for lack of hair.

Thanks again.


Hi Susan:

Here is  a picture from my son's wedding.  If there is perfection, the wedding was a close to that as possible.  My chemo was delayed because of two surgeries so I actually felt fantastic for the wedding and so much to be thankful for. I'm wearing one of my six scarves, all of which I love and am constantly getting compliments. This scarf couldn't be more perfect.  Thank you for a beautiful product.



Sometime in the early 80's I read an article from Good Housekeeping about a woman who had lost all her body hair. I found her story fascinating. Thereafter I thought of her every time I shaved my legs. About 10 years later, at the age of 31, I looked in the mirror and suddenly realized my hair looked thinner. Then I looked at my brush and was totally shocked at the amount of hair it held. At first I thought I was going the way of my grandmother and aunt who's hair grew very thin as they aged. But then my beautician noticed a bald spot on my next visit. I was a nurse by then and looked up Alopecia. I realized that it could lead to total hair loss. THE SAME THING THAT WOMEN WENT THROUGH!  I felt a sense of doom. No. This can't be what I have. It can't be. But it was.

It took 5 years for my hair to go. the eyebrows and eyelashes went last. That was hard. Each phase of hair loss brought more tears. Tears that felt like they were coming all the way up from the soles of my feet. I coped by telling myself to keep it all in perspective. As a nurse I knew that there are a host of autoimmune diseases out there. I could live without hair.

I've had Alopecia Universalis for 16 years now. I would say that the worst part of AU is sensing a strangers pity or discomfort when they pass me. The best part of AU is being able to get ready for virtually any event in 30 minutes or less!

I wore a wig for 6 years, but always wanted to throw it out the car window. I chose to wear an ever evolving mix of bandanas, scarves and hat combos. Which eventually led me to beaubeaus.


I love beaubeau! I love that they are neat, stylish and comfortable. I love the classic style of the bun and feeling like I have "flip ability" when wearing it down. They look great with hats too.

I have so many beaubeau that it is hard to choose my favorite. As of writing this I still don't know which I will choose!

Thank you for this opportunity to share some of my story.



MJ Baco.

I LOVE your merchandise!  I am not taking chemo for cancer but another serious condition where the doctors need to shut down my immune system with chemo. I was originally told that I would not lose my hair so what a surprise last month when it started falling out quickly.  Having your selection in my actual head size has been GREAT.  I am just not ready for the wig route.

Thanks to 4women~!


Just returned from the gym, sat down at my computer and saw your ad. How timely!  Joanna's story is inspiring and of course, I ordered the Go for the Gold Beaubeau!   

I've been feeling down lately again about this hair thing. I guess that's just the way it's going to be - most of the time I'm fine, but sometimes I'm not. Sometimes it's fun to wear a scarf or wig and sometime it sucks. Just happy to be on this side of the grass. i know the new scarf will be an upper to wear to exercise.  Thanks!


My beaubeau scarves arrived yesterday. I must tell you I love the feel and colors of  Aloha.  It was an after thought addition to my scarf order but I  just love it for it's soft feel. The colors are beautiful.  Guess you can tell I love the color.  Thanks for inventing such a wonderful head cover. 


Hi Beaubeau:

I love your scarves and don't think a person can have too many of them!  We attended a wedding in NY and everybody loved how I was able to match my scarves to the clothes I wore in each of the three functions.  The scarves sure make getting ready a lot easier.  I truly won't care if my anti-epilepsy drugs eventually cause me to loss of of my hair.


Hi beaubeau!

Just wanted to let you know how many many compliments I get  on my Bedazzled Fuchsia scarf - at chemo yesterday SO many women commented on it.  They said it was beautiful. I truly love it - it makes me feel more beautiful and more like myself. Thanks you!


I have a strong family history of Breast Cancer, so it was not a surprise when I was diagnosed, but I was not really expecting it at the age of 40! Having been through it with my mom and one of her sisters (my other maternal Aunt was diagnosed 1 month before me), I knew what to expect from treatment but the thought of losing my hair was terrifying. My doctor told me 3 weeks, and sure enough, right after my 3rd treatment I started really noticing it. By the 3rd day I couldn't take it anymore and just went up to the bathroom and buzzed it. I immediately felt better! The thing that I dreaded the most was over! I won't say I enjoyed it, but after a few weeks I really started to recognize the benefits of getting a few extra few minutes of sleep in the morning.

It was kind of hard deciding what to wear to go with the beaubeau I wanted to wear each day. I love all my beaubeaus and can't really pick a favorite but my "go tos" are the reversible BB Art and Soul and Chocolate Truffle. The best compliment I have received on a beaubeau was the first day I wore one after buzzing my head. I went into a sandwich shop to grab lunch wearing the Black on Black Silk and the cashier just gushed about how much she liked my scarf. Most people I had come into contact that day wouldn't make eye contact with me, so that really made me feel better.



Aimee Palmer, FL 

Khalai, our May beaudiva, was recently a flower girl at her father's wedding.  She shared her special moment with us!




Khalai Golden

I love your scarves! They are the easiest to wear, light weight and the most attractive without stuffing things in the crown "for fullness". I have an assortment of things that DON'T work. I will now gather an assortment of beaubeaus as they work best.  My hair loss is temporary - chemo/radiation, but I will pass along the information to others- great invention.


Hi beaubeau:

I just wanted to say thank you for these scarves!  I have been wearing them for the past 6 months while going through chemotherapy for ovarian cancer.  I am happy to say, I no longer need them! I am a survivor!  My hair is coming back in and just last Saturday, i got brave enough to take off my beaubeau and show off my VERY short hair.

The scarves were a good pick me up during treatment. I always felt as though I looked good in them and in fact I did receive many compliments on the colors an designs. Thank you for what you do for women who are going through difficult times, every little bit of encouragement means so much.  Take Care!


Hi Susan:

I have Alopecia and was very excited to recieve my beaubeaus!  Now I can ditch my wig in favor of wearing a beaubeau when I exercise.:)  Thank you for such a wonderful product.


Hi Mariana and Susan:

I just wanted to let you know how well the swimbeau worked out on my Disney Cruise with my 2 little grandchildren. I wore the swimbeau on the AquaDuck waterslike and it stayed on so I could enjoy the ride along with my family. My sweet daugher-in-law wore the other swimbeau to keep my company and we looked very fashionable!  Again, thanks for all the great beaubeaus - I simply don't know what I would do without them.



Maryann, Beaudiva of the Month

Dear Susan:

I wanted to know if you had Art and Soul back in stock.  I am not in active treatment at this time but I am totally addicted to beaubeaus.  They kept me going during a very difficult time.  Keep up the good work!

Fondly, Barbara

Hi Susan:

I just wanted to let you know that my mother has been cancer-free since late 2009.  The beaubeau made such a difference that year - she didn't wear a wig once, only scarves.  She absolutely loved them and so did everyone who saw them. I will be forever grateful to Susan for the difference she made in my mom's battle with cancer.

Warm Regards,


My life with Alopecia began about five months ago on a perfectly normal day. After I took my morning shower I happened to notice how much hair I had lost. Many years ago, I had a few bald spots, but the hair always grew back and I put Alopecia and hair loss out my mind. This time Alopecia seemed to determine to stay! In just three months I lost all my hair and began to wear a wig. I would put my wig on just as soon as I got up in the morning and wear it all day. The wig was uncofortable and causing me to have headaches. I became very depressed. I live in Arizona where it tends to be very hot and the though of wearing a wig all the time was extremely unappealing. 

One day I was searching the Internet and came accross the website. I truly feel that was a life changing event. I spoke with Susan and she was so encouraging which really made me feel so much better. I also ordered a few beaubeaus to see if I liked them. As soon as they arrived, I tried one on and was amazed at the comfort and style. Now, I'm addicted to beaubeaus and just love them all. My favorites are Electric Avenue (which I'm wearing in my photo), Berry Passion and the workout scarf, Run Around Blue. I also bought two swimbeaus to take on vacation so I could swim and be fashionable. I could not fathom wearing a rubber bathing cap.

My husband and family have been very supportive trhough this experience and compliment me on my ability to match outfits with my beaubeau collection. I love going to's website and reading their blogs. It really is very helpful to know that I am not alone. Thank you!

 Maryann Abair


Just looked at the photo contest winners and decided to write. I was in your office last spring and purchased 4 beaubeaus.  Although I had not lost all of my hair at the time of my purchase, I was prepared!  You personaly helped me in my selections and I so appreciate your compassion.  I was complimented every time I wore them and they were a comfortable and stylish alternative.

In fact when I took my husband and daugher to Libbys in July - who should walk in at the same time with her family..but you.  We caught each others eye and - each wearing a great beaubeau scarf.  Chemo and 6 surgeries later I have recently passed on my scarves to two cancer ladies from Michigan, one I have never met but have been corresponding with since her diagnosis.  I cannot tell you how many people I have referred to your site and of course locally.  I now volunteer at the Cancer Support Community and have the pleasure of answering phones and am able to offer your scarves as an alternative to turbans or wearing wigs.

 Anyway just wanted to thank you for helping me get through a very difficult time  With sincere appreciation.

Debbie Ingram, FL

Dear Susan:

It was great speaking with you. I have to tell you I love my scarves!  They fit great and the styles are simply awesome.  I have attached a photo of one of my favorites. Thanks for making such a wonderful product. 


Rebecca  PA

4Women is a company that definitely prides themselves on integrity.  It has been a refreshing experience to deal with such wonderful people.  I am an ovarian cancer patient going through chemo therapy. When they told me that I would lose my hair, I was devastated. I had beautiful long blonde hair that I know I loved far too much.

As the treatments continued I started to lose more hair. My son finally convinced me that it was time to have our heads shaved.  He was right by my side every step of the way. Now here I am bald, facing the world. I had picked up a couple of scarves from the wigh shop here in town. After a couple of weeks I was ready for some new ones. I went surfing on the Internet and came across these beautiful beaubeau's. I received many compliments about how pretty my scarves were and people wanted to know where to get some.  Funny most had no idea I had cancer, they thought I was wearing them to to be stylish :).  All I can say is that if anyone is looking for a great selection of quality scarves go to and you will be happy you did.  They also provide EXCELLENT service.

Thank you ladies for  helping me get through this storm in my life. Your love and compassion shone through from the moment I placed my order and still continues. May GOD continue to bless you as you continue to be blessing others.

BIG Love, 






First of all I love my beaubeau transitional scarf. It's gorgeous and now I can get over the case of beaubeau envy that I've had ever since I saw your scarf.  Thank you beaubeau team for another creative idea!


This is a picture of me and my five year old daughter Elise in our "Glitter Glamour". elise is my mini-me and when she saw my collection of scarves, she begged me to buy the colorful, heart-filled one for her in her size. She was so proud of her beaubeau - she wore it for a week straight during summer camp. 
I was beginning to think my collection of beaubeau's was becoming an addiction. I loved having matching scarves for my wardrobe and felt great when people would stop me on the street to ask me where I got my stylish scarf. I am thankful for the ray of sunshine they gave me on frequent glommy days of treatment.
Our fingers were crossed that we would win the photo contest so that we could donate the prize to a fellow fighter. Thank you for allow us to share your beautiful scarves with someone battling cancer.


Heidi and Elise Quandt

I love my beaubeau's because they are lightweight and convenient. I can wear them for work or dress them up for a special occasion. Everyone compliments me on how nice they look. They have made my hair loss less of an issue and having a choice of colors gives me something to look forward to every morning!


Patricia, FL

First of all, thank you for such a wonderful product.  I am loving my beaubeaus.  In fact, I ordered 4 more yesterday, and thank you for the 10% off coupon as well.  I appreciate your wonderful customer service. 




Absolutely LOVE your scarves. my hair is growing back after chemo, but I still ordered more. I get compliments every time I wear one. My chemo nurses wanted to know  where I got them because other patients have seen me wearing them and wanted some.  I am like a walking advertisement!!  Thank you again for a beautiful product.  



"Yes, you will lose your hair" - six words  no women wants to hear.  So after my 15 minute pity party, I got down to business and just shaved it off.  After visiting a few stores that had scarves, I came across  the beaubeau and I've been addicted to them ever since.  How wonderful to not only have a stylish alternative to an itchy wig, but to be able to coordinate my scarves with my outfits!  I even put up a shoe rack so that I could display all of them and easily find the color I need when getting ready to go out. At first, I would wear my wig when going gout to dinner or to a play but now I just find the scarf that goes best with what I'm wearing and wear the beaubeau proudly.  After all, why not be stylish - that's who I am!

Thank you 4women for helping all of us feel better about ourselves at a time when we might not. Thanks too for your wonderful and special customer service. It is very much appreciated!



I just received my third beaubeau!  I love them so much that I now wear one on my walks under my hat instead of my wig that I've had to wear for the past 2 1/2 years due to Alopecia Universalis. I even wear my wig to take my kids to school. Soon, though, I may even put my wig away.  I especially love my new beaubeau that I received yesterday (black on black workout).  It's so comfy and looks beautiful!  I can't wait to buy more!  I put a beaubeau rack on my wall. Thanks for helping me look stylish and feel good about myself.

Anne Marie VA

Dear Susan:
Thank you so much for the incredibly fast service!  I placed my order on Thursday and received my order on Saturday in Arizona. When I opened the package, I was amazed at the beauty and quality of the beaubeaus.  I put one on right away and I am loving the comfort and style. It was a pleasure to speak with you the other made me realize that I had to get back out there again. My alopecia is fairly new and I'm still getting used to the new me. When you get the eyebrow makeup, please let me know..that would definitely be a priority for me. Again, thank you so much.


Maryann, AZ

Hello again,
I just returned from my trip and wanted to let you all know that I just LOVED my beaubeaus and received many compliments on how beautiful they were! They are not only gorgeous, but well-made and so easy to put on. Who could ask for more (besides hair?) Smile
Thank you for such a fabulous product.



Thank you beaubeau Team!  I am going to use my swimbeau in the Cayman Islands.  This total hair loss is very new to me. I was excited to find a stylish bathing cap. I've been looking for quite some time. Thanks!


Happy New Year!

I just wanted to say I love your beaubeau's and purchased four awhile ago. I get soooo many compliments on them and I always refer them to your site!  I bought 4 of the reversible ones so I really have 8 of them.  They have helped me through the past few months while enduring chemo. I am still working half days and when I don't feel like wearing my wig, I always have a matching beaubeau to go with my outfit.

Thank you for creating them.


Best Regards,


I absolutely love my scarves, all three of them!  They came at a time when I was really missing my hair. Thank you 4women!


These scarves are the most beautiful and best fitting that I have found. I have now been able to pass mine on to a friend fighting the same breast cancer fight, unfortunately.  But at least the pretty head wear has cheered her up a bit.


I love the beaubeau!  It is so easy and quick to put on. It looks great all by itself, or I also like to layer it with other things too.  It's like playing head dress up. Thank you Susan


Being introduced to this site and beaubeau scarves made me feel so good because I had a beautiful option for my head during and after chemotherapy. I get so many compliments and inquiries as to where I got my scarves and I am happy to share the information.

Joyce and beaubeau's are going to be a life saver for me during my treatments.


Beautful, BEAUTIFUL - scarves for women, without hair loss. Wearing a beaubeau should be a new trend fro anyone having a bad hair day!


I just wanted to THANK YOU!!, very much for sending us some of your wonderful scarves for our cancer patients. They absolutely loved them. You are so sweet for sending some t ous to put a smile onthe faces of some very sweet ladies.  I truly appreciate your generosity to help others going through the toughest times of their lives. I wish there were more people like you.  The world would be a better place!!.

Christy, Center for Cancer Care Huntsville AL

I have been meaning to send you a note to say "thank-you" for the lovely scarf you sent to me as "beaudiva of the month".  I was happy to share my story!  This scarf will sure come in handy on these cold Michigan days!  My youngest daughter was even excited for me to open the package.

Thank you again and have a wonderful day.



Multi, Michigan

Let me start by saying THANK YOU.  My 6 year old daughter was diagnosed with Alopecia two weeks ago. I discovered your website through the NAAF.  I ordered two scarves in the hopes that she wouldn\'t have to wear them. Within that two week period she lost all of her hair.  So enter the beaubeau!  Once that she put that scarf on she was her old self again.  I have since ordered three more scarves.  Thank you so much for helping us get through this rough time.
Thank you from a relieved parent.


Monika Virginia

I just wanted to share how incredibly wonderful I'm finding your scarves.  We go to Disneyland quite a bit and going on the rides - the scarves work great.  Because they are fitted (and not the "one size fits all), they aren't too tight. I have received many compliments.  Thank you!  I am giving the information to my oncologists office... feeling good about yourself (whether you are dealing with hair loss from cancer or another condition) and pretty is so important. Please keep me on your mailing list.  Wonderful product line!



Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you! - For the beautiful scarves I wear them everyday mixing and  matching the colors with my outfits. The shock of losing my hair after whole brain radiation was worse than the treatment itself.  Your scarves made me feel confident and beautiful.





You've packed and sent about a dozen beaubeau scarves to me in Guelph Ontario, starting before I lost my hair.  Don't know what I would have done without you - your excellent designs, styles, colors....the works! Being without hair is not to be minimized!  Having a range of beaubeau's made the state quite tolerable.  I presnetly have a return (or sorts) of hair, though not entirely recognizable as mine.  Oh well!

I passed on about eight scarves to other friends undergoing chemotherapy, who are as relieved as I am to  have talented, bright you on the side of any woman who loses her hair.

I have passed on about eight scarves to 2 other friends undergoing chemotherapy, who are as relieved as I am to have talented, bright, kind you on the side of any woman who loses her hair.

Thanks so much.  You do much more than provide a commodity!




Best to you and your family.


Just wanted to extend my appreciation for the wonderful work you do for cancer patients. I purchased two of your beaubeau's after my chemotherapy for
CNS Lmphoma. They made me feel beautiful during a time when I was down, frightened and sick. People commented on how great I looked in the scarves, and that really boosted my spirits. I even had someone stop me in the store to ask where I got my scarf - they also had lost their hair to chemo. I explained where I got it and how easy it is to put on because it is already pre-tied.

Anyway, my hair has grown back now and I no longer need to cover my head....BUT I'll always remember the positive lift you gave me. Thanks again.





My oncology office has a social worker on staff and when I met with her, she gave me a catalog from the American Cancer Society to look through.  I also knew of a wig company from when my mother had cancer.  I had already placed a few orders so I had something when the hair loss began.  However, when it came time to wear the items, I really wasn’t thrilled with anything I’d purchased.  The wig I got was very nice and everyone said it looked great on me, but I didn’t like the way it felt while on.  It was hot, a little itchy and just generally uncomfortable.  The “caps” weren’t flattering at all.  And fussing with a scarf is not my idea of fun.  I decided to do a search online for other options and found the Beaubeau.  When I tried it on, I knew there was no going back to the wig or a hat.  They are comfortable, colorful and so easy to wear.  I love having the option of a side pony tail or a bun.  Plus there’s no folding or tying involved!  I also wound up purchasing a couple of Lucy Sleep Caps (love them too!) and the Beaubag (my chemo goodie bag).  Great products.


My beaubeau arrived today and I am so pleased with it. I watched the styling video and then saw and then saw the video about the founder of the beaubeau.  I, too, am BRCA positive, though I found out only after being diagnosed with breast cancer. I am going through treatment now and will have more prophylactic surgeries after that. Your beaubeau's will help me through it, and hearing your story give me hope that I will survive and live a healthy and active life. Thank you!


I recently ordered 6 of your beaubeau headscarves, and wanted to tell you that I am very impressed with the fabrics and construction of your scarves.  They are gorgeous....and SO easy to wear.  I am about to end the chemo phase of my breast cancer treatment before going into the radiation part....and I so appreciate lovely scarves like this to help me to feel stylish and not like an ET replacement!

Thank you so much,

Karen Kott

My Daughter LOVES your Beaubeaus!!!  I want to say she has almost 25 of them now.  She looks forward to every time we she gets to go online a select a new one.  Thank you J


Jessica Picardi

Hi Susan:

Your story is an inspiring one, and it inspires me. I recommend your scarves to other breast cancer patients, meet, or hear abut indirectly through their family or friends.  One of your new customers is a mother I met at my daughter's swimming lessons!  Thank you for your commitment to beautiful, quality products for women without hair!


I just wanted to say think you SO MUCH for your beautiful scarves. I just recently lost my hair due to breast cancer chemotherapy and a friend who had found your scarves during her bout with breast cancer sent me your way. Being 45 and a performer, i thought for sure that I would be too vain to NOT wear a wig to work and out about on a daily basis.  I can count on one hand the amount of times that I have worn my wig (of which I have two) and have just palced my third order for even more beaubeau scarves!I
I am performing at a jazz festival in Paris in November and have even been contemplating "rocking" a beautiful formal beaubeau instead of hair.  The old me would never have thought it, but the new me gets compliments everywhere I go on how beautiful I look in your fantastic scarves.  Thank you for keep us beautiful and comfortable during a time when it seems hard to find the beauty in day to day life.


I absolutely love my beaubeau!  It is so attractive, I feel very feminine wearing it, and it is comfortable.  My children gave it to me for Mother's Day and I just love the way it makes me feel.



Hi Susan:

My scarves have just arrived. I put one on immediately and  showed Matthew (husband).  His face lit up instantly.  They look even better than I had wished. Yah!  I'm going to order some more this weekend in plain colors. Absolutely love the fabrics I already chose though.  They are SO feminine. It doesn't look like I'm trying to hide anything (which is my main problem with a wig), instead, wearing these, I'm just being myself. Now that I have six, I can see they are more beautiful in real life than the on-screen images.  I feel (like another of  your customers who wrote on your site ) that I've been 'led' to your site and the BeauBeau!

Reasons for ordering the BeauBeau: 

1.  Making use of the 10% discount

2.  All these scarves are still less money than a wig

3.  I feel amazing wearing them

Thank you so much and as I say, I'll order more in the next few days.

Julie- Australia

This Swimbeau is so cute!  My cancer is in remission, thank goodness. My hair is one inch long, so I just let it spike up now. I almost want to buy a Swimbeau anyway! 

Thanks for making your beaubeaus. I love wearing them trough my chemo. 




Thank you for your quick response and thank you for having such a fabulous product and giving great customer service.  I have gotten so many compliments so far on the Debo-Nair, Black and Bloom, Love Birds and my exercise beaubeau.  I always tell the other patients about your website.  Debo-Nair seems to be the fav so far.  I have many more on my wish list :)

Have a great evening and thanks again.


When I first started my desperate search for head covers, I ended up buying and returning a LOT of products. I finally ended up discovering my favorite - the beaubeau headcover.  It's like a scarf and hat in one. the beaubeau looks like a scarf when on, and for al intents and purposes it is, but it is pre-formed and gathered at the nape of th eneck with elastic. It has tails that hang below the elasticized part and it comes with a matching scrunchie. Okay, I know what you're thinking - HOW IS A SCRUNCHIE HIP?  Well, it just is!  Not enough for you? Okay, okay, well the scrunchie really allows a variety of styling options. I prefered not to have the hanging tails, so I wrapped them around the already attached scrunchie and it formed a sort of "bun"- a pretty hip sophisticated look, I thought.

These scarves come in 4 different sizes and tons of different fabrics, designs, from solids to animal patterns. They are lined with a soft cotton to prevent slippage and it also acts as a wicking layer.  this  truly the most comfortable thing that I ever did put on my bald head.  Thanks for such a great product.



In December 2010 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It may seem unheard of to many but the loss of my breast meant almost nothing to me compared to the loss of my hair. After all my breast made cancer cells that tried to kill me.  My hair, on the other hand was long, silky and beautiful.  In a way, it defined me. Many folks have said to me "it's just hair", "it will grow back", "it's just temporary".  These words have been of little comfort. Your beaubeau's have offered me a way of giving cancer a different face. Thank you!

Maria, NY

Hi Ladies! 

First of all, I want to thank you for creating such beautiful scarves. This has made my transition to being bald so much easier.  I am two treatments in for breast cancer, 4 more to go!  I have given the cards you sent with my scarves to the Look Good Feel Good class in Lethridge Canada to make sure women know there is such a nice option out there. Thanks again!



Kymn  Canada

I am just back from a vacation in Europe.  I lost count of the compliments I received on my beaubeau scarves and wanted to share the good news with you.  The scarves are so beautiful that no one even asks why you are wearing them.  Thank you for what you do.


Hello Susan

I am very disappointed that the usual "offerings" for chemo hair replacements is either wigs or the TLC American Cancer Society catalog which carries wigs and scarves.  Right now I consider it a blessing that I found the beaubeau web site quite by accident because it is such a wonderful alternative.  I would like to spread the word.  I want to stock my oncologist's office with your brochures so that other women suffering from hair loss would know about the beaubeau rather than just the TLC catalog that is always there.  I didn't know about other options and I wast to be sure that other women are not in that position. Thank you so much.

Theresa NY


Your scarves are the most beautiful I've ever seen. Thanks for making them, they truly make you feel beautiful even without hair.  Now that my hair has grown back thick and curly, I kept two of my favorite beaubeau's for "bad hair days" and donated the rest.  Thank you again for making women and girls feel fabulous.


I just wanted to say hello and that your website looks wonderful.  I love the blog on breast cancer and the environment.  You were so wonderful to me back in 2007-08 when I was battling BC at age 40.  We talked on the phone a few times.  I love your scarves and tell others about them, any chance I get. I was just looking on the website to let a friend know about your new collection - it's great!  I hope all is going well.  Thanks for being so great.

Michele, PA

Jordin got her modified girl's beaubeaus today and they are the best!!! After some serious deliberation she finally picked the camouflaged one as her favorite but she loves them all.  The modification are on point. 

Thank you so much for this wonderful product. We'll be ordering more soon.



Trammell, Washington DC

Hi There:

I came in to your office last week and bought Double Up Reversible beaubeau for my Aunt.  I just wanted to say THANK YOU again - she loves it and is wearing it today at her chemo treatment.  We got it to her just in time because people were staring and make her feel badly on Monday when she went to the drugstore to her her meds.  We are going to help her choose some other beubeaus while she is there so you'll be hearing from us soon. 

Thank you so much for being a part of the journey with our family!  Susan, I watched the video about you and how you started your business and I just want you to know how inspiring you are.



Michelle, Fl

I just received my first beaubeau today.  I ordered the exercise scarf because I'm trying to keep working out but am not really comfortable wearing a doo rag.  I slipped on the beaubeau and immediately found it to be so comfortable (plus it's an attractive head covering).  Thank you so much for taking such care with your product.  I certainly will re-order as my hair loss is long term.  I will also recommend  your scarves to others at the infusion center.


Hi Susan:

I wanted to let you know that I got my beaubeaus. They are gorgeous and so well made!  I m very happy with them.  If I have to be bald, I'd rather be bald with a beaubeau! I love each one of them. Thank you for making such an exquisite product.



I received my 5 new beaubeau's last week.  I was giddy like a 6 year old on Christmas morning. I love every single one of them and have turned a few heads with many compliments.  Thank you for making such a fabulous product.


Shelly Ontario


I like so many other women, adore your scarves!  I'm about to lose my hair to chemo and have not been impressed with my appearance in the "typical" chemo scarves/hats offered in wig shops. I've spent quite a bit of time browsing the site and have accumulated QUITE the wish list!  Thank you so much for making a difference and sharing your gift and passion with those of us who would, without it, feel a little less "sparky" during this process.



Thank you for your "lightening speed" way of doing business!  I am so impressed with your polite and responsive way of replying to all my emails and for processing this refund so quickly.  Your way of doing business is a rarity these days. I can't wait for my beaubeau's to arrive.  It will truly be like Christmas morning.

Your newest loyal customer.


Shelley, Canada


What beautiful women (photo contest) and stories, they are gorgeous in their BeauBeau's.  I donated mostly all of mine to breast cancer patients of my surgeons office, but could not bear to give up my tiger and oriental BeauBeau. Now I just wear them when I have a bad day!  Thank you for making such beautiful and and flattering scarves!  Best of everything to you.  God bless.


Nancy E

I was diagnosed with breast cancer on October 1st 2010, the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I’ve never been so aware in my life! Having beaubeau scarves made my transition to being bald much easier.  It wasn’t nearly as bad as I had imagined.  I love my beaubeau scarves because they are comfortable, attractive and EASY.  I’m going to miss this convenience when my hair grows back!


My name is Linette. I am a proud mother of three little angels. I was diagnosed with Alopecia when I was a senior in high school.  It started with a small bald spot and in less than a month, I was completely bald. I lost all of the hair in my body including my eyelashes and eyebrows. It was very hard for me to accept it and at the beginning I cried a lot. I had to start wearing wigs and was very uncomfortable. The wigs caused me to get terrible headaches and I even had anxiety and fear they would fall off. My faith in God is the only thing that kept me going. If it wasn’t for his love, I know I would have been in a really bad state of mind. I am bald and happy and loving life.

I came across the website while looking for something more comfortable to wear instead of the wigs. I loved the beaubeau and ordered one right away. It's way better than wearing a wig.  They are extremely comfortable and stylish. I love the compliments I get when i wear it.

I hope that one day I can be a blessing to many young women out there going through the same situation. I am living testimony that hair is not the most important thing in life and if I got through it, then anyone can. All you have to do is have faith, stay strong and get a beaubeau!

Linette, FL

Emma was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in July 2010 at the age of 3.  She began chemo treatments in early August and began losing her hair soon after the first round was completed.  Emma was devastated when she learned that the medicine that was going to make the cancer go away was also going to make her hair go away.  We immediately began searching for hats & scarves to help Emma feel beautiful after she lost her hair. We were thrilled to discover the girl's scarves at and Emma had a blast shopping for her first beaubeaus.

The chemo treatments may have taken Emma's hair away, but it did not take her courage, strength and beauty!  She proudly wears her beaubeaus everywhere she goes and whenever she is complimented on her "beautiful scarf" she simply replies "Thank you, but it's not a's a beaubeau!"   Thank you for reminding us what TRUE beauty is and for helping our little girl feel beautiful and special each and every day!

Thank you for recognizing the courage, strength and beauty that we all see in our Emma and for helping her "Love her bald self" every day. We are forever fans of!!

Keriann & Emma

Susan....I placed what I believe is my fifth order for your beautiful beaubeaus,a bit earlier today. I felt compelled to email you today and thank you from the bottom of my heart for designing such a unique and fashionable head scarf for those of us who are not 'graced' with hair (and there are so many of us!) I had been searching for some attractive head coverings ,when low and behold, one night about a year ago, I was feeling kind of 'desperate' and couldn't sleep! I found your wonderful website to this day, I still  believe that God guided me there!  I wore many of your beautiful,colorful beaubeaus on a daily basis last summer I own several lovely wigs,but when my scalp is 'flaring' only a beaubeau will do!! I want to look my best with some new beaubeaus.  I can't wait to get the new 'Bellisimo" is GEORGEOUS!  Thank you again,Susan for all that you do, and for the tremendous service that you provide with your fabulous products.  I will continue to be a loyal customer,and you can count on me to be a cheerleader for the beaubeau here in the Great Pacific Northwest!

Melissa, Seattle

Hi Susan,

I just wanted you to know I received my Beaubag and scarf.  I LOVE them both!!!  I love your presentation in the way you ship them, just opening the box made me feel special.  The way you wrap the scarf is one of those added luxury pieces that speaks highly of you as do the stickers you have.  I will be going to a physical therapy class beginning in February at Duke's Center for Living which is Duke's "gym" for patients with heart disease, cancer, pulmonary disease, weight loss issues, and more.  I will wear my scarf proudly each day that I go and I'll carry my Beaubag to show it off.  I have the extra brochures you sent and I will hand those out as I'm asked, and everyone always asks each other wear they got their bags, their swim suits, their hats and scarves.  My heart is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs and I will do all I can to tell others about you.  I don't know if any will come calling, but I certainly will be telling them about you!! People come to Duke's Center for Living from all over the US!!  It is an amazing place!! Thanks again!


Two weeks after my first chemo treatment I started wearing my wig to the office and on the weekends my beaubeau wraps that I had stocked up on in preparation for the inevitable loss of my hair.  In the picture we have just finished Thanksgiving dinner.  I am wearing my "Classy Lady" wrap and we used this picture for our 2010 Christmas card.  I was delighted and amazed at the number of compliments I received about my wrap.  Being able to have a wrap that helps me feel dignified and pretty has certainly helped during this journey.  Thank you so much for this wonderful creation.

Mary Ann, Texas

                        People that Inspire me:  This was a fundraising effort by a 9th grade student from Australia that  was compelled to do something to support the support her beloved teacher as she battled breast cancer.  she sent out this very heartwarming letter which resulted in over $7000 of contributions for future breast cancer patients..





To Whom It May Concern,


My name is Georgia Barlow. I am a Year 9 student at Good Shepherd Lutheran College.  On Friday the 10th of December I will be shaving off all my hair in the hope of raising $6000 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  As a fourteen year old image is very important, but for me making a difference in the future of breast cancer research is much more important.

My decision to do this comes after the diagnosis of my debating coach and Year 8 teacher, Jodie Springhall, with breast cancer earlier this year. I want to create a positive from this negative situation. One way to do this is to contribute to the work of the National Breast Cancer Foundation in trying to find a cure for breast cancer, so that young people like me can grow up in a world free of cancer.

With the valued support of my school and the wider community I am excited about the upcoming shave off and am seeking financial backing from anyone and everyone. Many people tell me that I am brave but I am not as brave as the patients and families struggling with cancer every day.

Donations from businesses or large individual donations will be acknowledged through the Good Shepherd Lutheran College newsletter and are greatly appreciated.

I am asking that you make a pledge to donate to this cause and after the 10th of December I will return with my bald head to collect your generous donation.

Kind Regards,


Georgia Barlow

If you would like further information you can contact me via the details below or through the College.

Mobile: 0459 098 047

Home: 89833149


Georgia, Australia

Received my Beaubeaus- absolutely love them. I was so impressed that they arrived so quickly, I live in the Northern Territory in Australia- crocodile country- and it only took a week to arrive. I felt great heading out in public with my Beaubeau on, my hair started falling out on the weekend, and the day they arrived in the mail was the day I really needed them, so I got out the clippers, discarded the last whisps of hair, and donned my cool scarf.  I have a great range of your scarves that I wear to school each day (I am a teacher). We love the exercise range here in the hot climate of the Northern Territory, easy to wash regularly. Thank you so much for creating such a comfortable and stylish product

Jodie,  Australia


I want to take this opportunity to let you know how very much I enjoy your scarves. I've opted for your scarves instead of a wig and get compliments wherever I go

Aundrea, CA


Because of the BeauBeau, I have a choice. I feel pretty in the scarves. I get loads of compliments on them and how I look in them. I tell people it's not me; it's the designer. She knew what she was doing and created a scarf that flatters instead of screaming hair loss! Blessings to you, Jack, your kids, everyone you know and love, which includes any and all creatures with 4 legs.


 I just wanted to thank you for my great beau beau. It is fantastic. I really like the styling options.
I gave you a mention on ym blog for breast cancer so other women can know some great options you provide.

http://vanquishcancer. today-gone-tomorrow.html

Thanks for a great product.

Jennifer, Australia

Hello Susan:
 I recently purchased one of your scarves and loved it. I have been wearing wigs for over 10 years now due to Alopecia and hate it! I finally found something comfortable and so cute! Thank you so much for the product!



I love your beau beaus.  In fact, I just placed another order today.  The fabrics are lovely.  They fit and cover well. My head does not get too hot or too cold, when I wear them.  Thank you so much. for this wonderful product.


Happy Holidays to you and your family Susan.  I truly enjoyed your photo contest slide show.  The women looked beautiful in their BeauBeaus!  I also felt very pretty when I wore mine.  Now after chemo I still have a full head of beautiful curly hair and I kept my two favorite BeauBeaus (leopard silk and oriental print) and now use them when I have a bad hair day.  I have donated all the others to my breast cancer support group.
You are doing good work!   You are truly a blessing in my life and I'm sure in the life of others. 



I love my BeauBeau. I don't wear anything but them. And when people say I love your scarf I say its not a scarf its a BeauBeau! 


Hi Susan,

First of all I just want to say THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH for  coming with the beau beau. I can't tell you how much I love them.
It's has make my chemo journey so much easier mentally.

I remember the first meeting with the oncologist and she went over  all the side effects. I actually told her losing my hair is the last thing I was worried about.  I'm more concerned about losing my toe nails, a runners nightmare, as it will be sore to run. :0)

But then that feeling started to change as the time get closer. I started to feel a bit more self conscious and not sure if I was ready to face the world bald or wearing a wig!  I'm started to think how am I going to go to work, go to the gym and do all my usual activities without looking like a chemo patient?

And then I found you!!!  The Beau Beau is everything I'm looking for. I can't tell you how much I like them. I  wear the beau beau everywhere. They are so comfortable, secure and very stylist. I wore the beau beau to the gym and did lots of high intensity exercise without any concern that it might come off.

Today is my 19th day after my first chemo and I'm feeling great! I went to see a U2 concert last night. This photo is me with a super stylist beau beau.
I've been very  fortunate and suffer minimal sign effects from chemo. It just felt like having a mild hangover for the first 2 days. I went back to work on the 3rd day, and am still managing to  train (swim, ride, run, weigh training, boxing and yoga).  I'm used to training 15-20 hours a  week now it's around 8-12 hours and that great!

Thanks again and have a nice weekend

Mon, New Zealand

Hi Susan;
Nice talking with you again today.  Just thought I would pass along how pleased my clients are that I am carrying your beautiful scarves. Once they try the luxury of the Beaubeau clients rarely want to wear anything else.  The selection of colors you offer is like no other.  I can't wait until the next order arrives (neither can my clients when I tell them new ones are coming). I am forever grateful to the client who led me to your website.  Thank you again and keep it up; the girls here in Canada love you dearly.


Diane, Kelly's Mastectomy Boutique Canada

I finally got my beaubeau's and I love them!!!! I just placed another order for 4 beaubeaus a few minutes ago.  The beaubeaus fit perfectly.  

I just got my port in today after running Auckland Marathon on Sunday (31st Oct). :0) The look of the receptionist at the hospital is priceless after I  told her this today.
My time is 4 hours 46 minutes my fourth marathon and the worst time ever. My PB is 4:11 but for someone who find out that she had breast cancer 3 months ago and having 2 surgeries (last one was on Sep 10th, 8 wks ago) to me this is my world record time!!!! I had attached the photo for you the girl in the red is me.
I'm 31 years triathlete and runner, and also working full time in the marketing.  (I was training for my first Ironman before the BC). 
I will have my first chemo (FEC) on Tuesday 9th of Nov.  and will shave my head on Sat 13 Nov.  I'm love the look of beaubeau on me so much I just can't wait to shave my head now!
It's really stylish and chic just loving it!!!!!
Thanks again Susan for your help and sorry about this long email. It's nearly 1'O clock in the morning here in NZ but I cant' sleep!
 Must be all the drug they give me with my port surgery, he he. :0)


Mon  New Zealand

I just wanted to let you know that everyone LOVES your beaubeau's.  My girlfriend came to visit me yesterday and tried on Safari Glam print and she LOVED it.  She, of course, has all of her hair, but it looked so good on her that I told her to keep it!  Thanks again.

Julia  NJ

To the BeauBeau Staff:

Thank you for creating such BEAUTIFUL SCARVES!  After being diagnosed with breast cancer the thought of wearing a wig horrifies me.  Thanks again for an amazing exchange policy.

Warmest Regards,

Nicole, FL

Hi Susan:

Thank you so much for designing such great scarves.  I am battling my 2nd round of breast cancer and wore a wig that I hated the first time. I tried other scarves, but couldn't get them tied to look right. I am so happy that I found your website.  They fit great and they are all that I am wearing this time.  I wish I wouldn't have wasted my money on a wig, because I really don't see me wearing it at all.  I have gotten a lot of compliments on the scarves and have told others about your website. 

Keep up the great work.  Please know that you make a huge impact on our lives!

Polly F.

Dear Susan,

 I am absolutely delighted with the two Beau Beau scarves I bought recently (New Wave and Horse Whisperer). They fit beautifully, feel totally secure and are extremely comfortable to wear. I have received several compliments about them and friends have asked where they can buy them even though they have a full head of hair and are not undergoing any kind of treatment! Maybe there is a whole market out there for glamour scarves? I have not found any site in the UK that comes close to your scarves in styling, fit and fabrics and I have just ordered my third (Art Addiction Navy). I am so pleased that I decided against going down the wig route – nearly everyone I have spoken to has told me it was disastrous. Thank you for making me feel totally feminine without my hair!


Kate Don, Market Overton, UK


Kate Don,  UK

I am so, so glad that I discovered your scarves and Susan!!  I've talked to Susan a couple of times on the phone.  Tonight I shaved my head & I'm so appreciative of your shaped, fitted scarves!  Thanks to my dear friends and your Nighttime Astor scarf, it wasn't as devastating as it could have been.  I've tucked the tails in the elastic for my first 'look'.  If you check my records, you'll know that I have a vast array to choose from.    I'm Tomorrow morning I'm wearing the Wild Workout for my first foray into public, which will be my morning walk with yet another supportive friend. I'm having fun wearing by beaubeaus! I'm really glad I discovered them because the alternatives aren't acceptable.  I may have lost my hair but not my sense of fun and style!! 

Jenny, CO

My order came today and I love the colors of the scarves, the Rhythm and Blue might just fit the bill for my dark wash denims. 
While I now seem to have quiet a collection that my husband keeps joking commenting on (cost wise), I'll probably make one more order before the holidays. I have my eye on Enchanted Forest to go with my winter greens, Horse Whisper for grays, art deco workout I maybe Ginger Gem for my bright autumn clothing. I work from home but often have clients, my son's friends when he's home from college and service people (UPS, landscapers, etc.,) stopping by. These scarves have given me the freedom to work in comfort while looking beautiful and pulled together. I no longer have to run and put on a wig or ball cap when someone unexpectedly comes to the door or I have to run a quick errand. While I often go without any head covering at home and still wear a wig when I met a client for the first time or am shooting a wedding, I now have a collection of beautiful options when I do want to cover up.
Thanks for what everyone at 4 women are doing.



The scarves arrived this morning, thank you I love them. I hope to place another order before the end of summer. While I was home visiting my mom last week a friend loved the first beau beau I ordered (Art and Soul) so much  that I took it off and gave it to her, so I'll be replacing that one in my next order.  Susan - a thanks to you and please keep up all  the good work that you do!


MIchelle NJ

I can't tell you how much I love these scarves.  My hair started falling out on Saturday, so I had it buzzed and immediately started wearing the scarves.  I've received so many compliments.  I have a wig and I'm not sure I'll ever wear it.  You have gotten me through what probably would have been an emotionally challenging time.


Hello - a quick note of appreciation for your wonderful scarves. I am going back to work after 7 months of grueling treatments and am so grateful to have my rapidly expanding collection of Beaubeaus to wear. My chemotherapy treatments are not over and my hair may never grow back due to my rare type of cancer; all of it is easier to handle because of your great product. Shopping for a wig was traumatic and felt fraudulent...not for me.  Thank you so much for creating this wonderful and fashionable alternative - a beaubeau and a great pair of earrings and I am ready to face the world. Thank you. 

Dominique, MN

I just received my first beaueau this afternoon.  I felt so much more comfortable in it than the wig I've been wearing out! I'm so excited to go out and about without wearing  that wig.  I want to embrace my bald head and not be ashamed of it.

  My mom who has all of her hair tried it on and she loved the way it looked on her. She may be ordering one soon!  

Once again, thank you for creating your product and I am beyond excited to be wearing a beaubeau!

Elizabeth IN

Hello I got my first order of scarves today..I absolutely love the pink raspberry one....I hope to order the aqua one and the white one as well.  I am a breast cancer patient and only 30, I will post your link on the YSC board and let the ladies know about your scarves as well as leave one of your brochures at my breast center. Thanks so much I was dreading wearing a "doo rag" on my head and feeling ugly and I was worried about trying to tie them when I cant get my arms in back of my head yet (I had a bilateral mastectomy)..but now I have these awesome scarves. I cant wait for the rest to get here. 

Daniella  PA

When I first started my desperate search for head covers I ended up buying and returning a lot of products!  I finally ended up discovering my favorite - the Beau-Beau headcover.  It's like a scarf and hat in one.  The Beau Beau looks like a scarf when on, and for all intents and purposes it is, but it is pre-formed and gathered at the nape of the neck with elastic.  It has tails that hang below the elasticized part and it comes with a matching scrunchie.  Okay, I know what you're thinking - HOW IS A SCRUNCHIE HIP?!  Well, it just is!  Not enough for you?  Okay, okay, well the scrunchie really allows a variety of styling options.  I preferred not to have the hanging tails, so I wrapped them around the already attached scrunchie and it formed a sort of "bun" (like in the picture below) - a pretty hip, sophisticated look, I thought!

These come in 4 different sizes and tons of different fabric designs, from solids to fun animal patterns.  They are lined with a soft cotton to prevent slippage and it also acts as a wicking layer.  This is truly the most comfortable thing that I ever did put on my bald head!

Check out all the Beau-Beau styles.  This website offers other products such as headwarmers, sleep caps, headcovers for exercising, and even transitionals for when your hair starts to grow back.



I just wanted to let you know that I own 7 beaubeau scarves.  They are ABSOLUTELY the best!  I am always giving out your brochures. Thank you for making me feel so good through chemo.

Katie  MD

I am the happy owner of 4 beaubeaus.  I bought one as a test and loved the one so much I bought three more.  The hardest decision was which ones to buy with all the beaubeautiful colors and fabrics.  My favorite is the Raisin Haze.  It truly goes with nearly everything. I wish I would have spent the $300 on my wig that I wore twice on more beaubeaus.  Thank you for helping me making my hair loss from chemo for ovarian cancer just a little bit easier.

Nancy IL

Received my Beaubeaus- absolutely love them. I was so impressed that they arrived so quickly!  I live in the Northern Territory in Australia- crocodile country- and it only took a week to arrive. I felt great heading out in public with my Beaubeau on.  My hair started falling out on the weekend, so the day they arrived in the mail was the day I really needed them!  I got out the clippers and discarded the last whisps of hair and donned my cool scarf. Thank you so much for creating such a comfortable and stylish product. 

Jodie, AU


LOVE your beaubeau scarves! I can't wait to order more.  Thanks for making such a beautiful, comfortable scarf. The price is definitely worth the quality in workmanship and material.  Thank you!

Nancy, AL


Your lovely scarves arrived today!  They are simply wonderful. There is NOTHING this good in the UK. Thank you.

Caroline  UK


I just received my beaubeaus and I love them!  Beautiful and soooo comfortable.  I had ordered pre-made from another company and they were much too tight.  I'm so happy you have large sizes!  Thank you so much.

Pam, Canada


I have three of your scares and I can't tell you how much I LOVE them.  I am so comfortable in them and I get so many compliments, it's unbelievable.  I have a wig that i wore once (paid $700.00!).  I just love them! THANK YOU for making my chemo a lot easier. I highly recommend them.....

Marion NJ

Just wanted to say thank you for giving us beautiful options during most difficult of times.  I cannot tell you how many compliments I have gotten on my "Color me Happy" beaubeau. I may auction it off when my hair comes many of my friend have told me they want it when I am through with it!   Thanks for giving us a wonderful alternative to wigs. I just couldn't wear a wig..made me sick to my stomach!

Traci, MS


These Beau beau's have changed my life! People ask me all the time where I got it...I don't even think they realize I don't have hair. Then the ladies @ treatment center of course want them! Thank you for creating such a wonderful solution for those of us without hair!

Amy, FL


I just wanted to email you and tell you how much I love my scarves. I have a few from different companies, but none match up to the quality and beauty of yours.  I also have the "beaubag" and use it quite often especially when I go to chemo.  I jsut wanted to let you know I brought your pamphlets to the chemo suite at my doctor's office yesterday and they are already in their information rack.

I can't end this email without also mentioning how efficient your company is when I place an order on line, I get a confirmation the same day and within 2 days with normal delivery, I receive my pacage. WOW!  Talk about quick and very much appreciated.


Sincerely, (from a VERY satisfied customer!)

Ellen  NJ


I never wore scarves before but now I'd like to order a bunch!  Your scarves are the prettiest ones and the easiest ones to wear and will certainly help me get through the entire chemotherapy process for my cancer.  Thank you SO MUCH for creating this line of fashionable scarves.


Emily, NJ


  I just received my 3 scarves that I ordered Sunday.  That was fast!  The scarves are beautiful.  Moreover they fit better than any scarf I have worn.   I was getting headaches from other scarves.  They had to be tight enough to not fall off and they pushed down on my forehead creating wrinkles.  I will DEFINITELY feel less self conscious wearing your scarves which are fashionable and look normal and PRETTY.  I am very glad I stumbled upon your web site.  


Katy, NM


Just a quick note to let you know that the BeauBag arrived at my sister's home today.  Thanks for all your help.  She is extremely pleased with it.  It actually arrived on the dat she had a hospital appointment so she proudly took her "treatment companion" with her.



Judith UK

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say that while I was in the cancer treatment center today I got FOUR different compliments on your scarves - all of them commenting that mine were the cutest they'd ever seen and they seemed to fit so perfectly!  I shared the secret with them...I would imagine that you will find four new customers buying up your scarves soon!

 Thank you so much for such a wonderful empowering product!!

Best Regards,

Jennie B, PA


Dear Susan:

I tried all kinds of cancer scarves, turbans, hats, wraps, you name it, it was on my head and then off again as I searched and searched for a comfortable cancer head that didn't broadcast my baldness and was fashionable.  I saw all of the beautiful pictures on your web site so I decided to try one and see how it looked on me!  My beaubeau headscarf arrived so fast and looked and felt so great that I didn't take it off for hours. I quickly got on-line and ordered a few more that same day.  I never thought I cuold look this pretty during my chemo treatment.  Thank you so much for this amazing product!!

Your scarves have made the difference in this experience from one of total heartbreak in seeing my body struggle, to one of hope.  The scarf fit perfectly and was easy to style.  Who knew cancer scarves could be so easy and so pretty?  Thank you so much for making my cancer experience so much more bearable for me.

Maria NYC

I have to tell you Susan, when we got my beau beau my shaved head husband tried it looked BETTER on him then ME!! LOL I finally got a chance to try it on and I couldn't be happier. I don't have to wear butch do rags! I'm sending you a picture of me in my new beaubeau. 


Annette, KY

Dear Susan:

I am so blessed to have ya'll walk this walk with me toward recovery.  You have done a wonderful thing for women and girls in coming up with the BeauBeau™.  I'm so glad I found you and your scarves!  I'm also glad to be able to tell people (and I do) how wonderful your company is to work with and accommodate special needs.  I have told so many people about my son Preston picking out a discontinued camouflage beaubeau™ and ya'll finding new camo material and having them custom made for me!  Thank you  for all you've done.  You can't get rid of me that easily though!  I will be back in touch and promise to send pictures when I can of me in my beautiful scarves.  Have a wonderful Easter.

Lisa, NC


Thank you so much!  The package arrived so quickly.  I have worn two of the three that I ordered and have gotten many great compliments.  I know you hear this from a lot of your clients but made me feel so much better!  Thank you again!

Sharron NJ

Hi Susan,
Your scarves got me through my breast cancer treatment and now your transitionals are getting me through that "in between" phase. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing beautiful headcovers and for all the work you do for women with hair loss. Two of my co-workers have alopecia and it seems like every day another friend is diagnosed with breast cancer - I tell them all about your beautiful scarves and how they helped me cope.

Even though I'm a long time customer, I just now watched the video on your website and read your FB are truly a hero and I can't tell you how much I admire and thank you. Lots of love. Amy

Amy C, CA

Hi to all!
Here's a pic of me at the 2010 Olympics! I love my beaubeau! It is so comfortable and makes me feel like a million bucks.

Ingrid CA

Greetings, I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to send you a big thank you for giving me hope and encouragement during what is probably the most difficult time In my life. I read about your company when I was first diagnosed with Ovarian cancer back in November of 2009. I started chemo therapy in early January of this year.

I don't recall if you remember me but I wanted to see and feel your fabrics in person before making my purchases, as I had made other scarves purchases online and was unhappy with the results.  They seemed so difficult to tie and put together plus you had to wear another piece of fabric to keep it in place. All things considered, this proved very tricky for me. I simply became  frustrated with the process that seemed hopeless in finding a product that would work for me. Thanks to my doctors office in Sarasota where they had your brochures displayed, I was able to contact you and swing by to see your lovely selection of fabrics.  I was wowed by the young lady and yourself in helping me feel so welcome. Then there was the numerous selection of magnificent fabrics available to me not only are they beautiful but also comfortable and feel great. They are equally as effortless to take on and off my head.

I recently went to Miami to celebrate my nephew's 21st birthday and can't tell you how many lovely compliments I received on the many different beau beaus I wore that weekend. I have to thank you for giving me the opportunity and confidence to go about my daily life with your lovely head pieces. They can be dressed up or down, I love that! I have included several pics of the evening so you can see how much fun I had with my family and friends. One of my biggest fears was that my younger nephews both 2 years old, would be intimidated by my appearance, but with my beau beau in place, they didn't even notice.

For me losing my hair was very intense and sad as you can see from my picture, I had a long curly head full of hair. Again you have given me such confidence to move forward until my hair grows back after chemo. I assure you I will continue to wear your products long after chemo simply because they are gorgeous and such a fun accessory.

Yvette, FL

After a recent cancer diagnosis,I was really distressed about losing my hair. But then I saw your brochure.  My beaubeaus arrived in the morning's mail and I couldn't be more pleased. I find your products to be so awesome...I just want to share them with everyone!  I have a doctor's appointment in another town and plan to leave one of your brochures in their waiting room.  Everyone needs to know that you have such a great product!  I also have a co-worker struggling with cancer and have shared your brochure with her.  I think your scarves will brighten her day.
Keep us the great work!

Kelsey C


I wanted to thank you again for creating your beautiful scarves.  It almost made losing my hair bearable. I am now enjoying my curly dark short locks but am keeping my scarves. I am afraid to get rid of them - superstitious I guess! I go SO many compliments when wearing your scarves. Thanks!

Aileen W

I just received my order today.  Thanks so much, they are beautiful.  I have breast cancer and had my 2nd chemo treatment yesterday.  My hair has been falling out rapidly for the past few days now, I'm afraid to take a shower, lol.  This is harder than I thought it would be.  Your scarves arrived right on time! Thanks again.

Sherree B

Hi Susan:

I received my beaubeaus and absolutely LOVE them!! My first step out in the world was at church on Sunday, and I got so many compliments on how pretty I was (which I was not feeling, trust me!)  So thank you very much!


Kris F, IA


I received the two scarves in the mail today. Thank you SO much!  I love the colors because they can go with just about anything. I have sent you a before and after picture.  Now I am not ashamed to go out in public and I won't mind the stares now because they will be admiring my new scarves!  Blessings to you and your company for all the wonderful things that you are doing.


Linda M


Thank you for everything!  I went back to work after 9 months and everyone loves my scarves.  I thought I would NEVER wear a scarf and here I am back at work with no wig.  All the lessons we learn along the way. Take care of yourself so you can take care of keeping us fashionable!

Eileen C., NJ

I can't thank you enough for the courage you've given me during my chemo treatment. I beat cancer once, and was diagnosed again last October. But, losing my hair wasn't as daunting the second time around because of my beabeaus. I'm ordering three more right now (well, two...maybe three... and a night time hat; my head gets so cold). Using a normal scarf or a wig is so inconvenient when I can be comfortable and beautiful in a beaubeau.

Thank you so much for the service you provide for women like me :)

Kristin, OR

Just wanted to say thank you so much. My sister got her scarves yesterday and she was so excited about everything. She mentioned how beautifully they were wrapped and boxed; it really made her happy in such an unhappy time. Thanks for the extra service you put in -plus she loved them and said they were so comfortable and glamorous she absolutely loved wearing them. She has some wigs but feels fake in them, so these are perfect.

Kerri, UK

Thank you for your prompt reply. I am so psyched about the Dazzling Disco Ruby because it looks spectacular! It will go with my transitional attire (now through April) for Spring. I'm a new cancer patient, second round of chemo coming up this Thursday. The treatments I can stand (although they are rough) but this hair thing is really messing with me but all will be okay. Thank you ever so much for having the foresight, ingenuity and fashion sense to create such a wonderful product. Got my first two shipped about two weeks ago, just tried them on for my daughter, niece, and granddaughter yesterday. They all gave them the thumbs up!! Just a quick footnote, besides loving your wonderful product I was very moved and intrigued by your personal story which I learned of a few months ago. When setting out to find suitable head coverings I had already had my fill of the grandma-ish turban types that I kept seeing and I detest the fake look of wigs. Besides being a cancer patient, I am a student at FIT and have been a life long consumer who has always known what looks good.

I figured I could keep my self esteem in tact as long as I could continue to wear my nice clothes and find a head covering that actually looks great.Thanks again Susan, you are such a special lady : )

Best wishes for much continued success!

Lori S

Dear Susan,
I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful scarf that you sent me and to again express my appreciation for your generosity. The scarf is absolutely gorgeous and comfortable and I was so happy when I got several compliments on it. It made me feel stylish again and I felt fabulous. Thank you again for helping me to continue to live my life with confidence and to not letting my cancer keep me from doing things! Thank you again so very much and I wish you all the best in this New Year!

Kimberly, MD

62 the middle of chemotherapy...rocking in my beaubeau doing a handstand....I adore my beaubeaus!!! Thanks so much.

Lynn, CA

Your "beaubeau's" have played an integral role helping Sophie develop into the confident, grounded, beautiful, sporty and glamorous 11.5 year old that she is!

Sophie's Mom, CA

I have purchased 10 beau beau's and love every one of them. I am currently going through breast cancer treatments and have opted to wear my beau beau's in lieu of wigs, hats, etc. They are gorgeous and I get compliments daily. I've also sent several ladies to your website as a result of all the compliments. Thanks!

Debbie, FL

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April at the age of 33 - I'm a wife and mom of two wonderful boys (ages 4 and 6 years). I began chemotherapy in June and wore beau beaus ALL summer long. I thought I'd be a wig person but I've only wore a wig 5 times since I lost my hair in July. I bought a few beau beaus and then fell in love with them so bought more - I have quite the collection! People ask me about them everywhere I go and even still today - 6 months later - people stop and ask me where I get my scarves. My radiation nurse/tech stopped me today to comment about them and ask where I get my fabulous scarves.

I'm currently finishing up the last of my radiation treatment this week - hooray! I have some hair growth but I still wear my trusted beau beaus every day. I imagine it will be another month or two before I can sport even a very short hair style. Until then, I'm quite comfortable in my beau beau.


Amy. VA

Hi Susan,
Thank you for YOU! I love my Beaubeau's! I don't know what I would have done without them. I bought wigs and just felt stupid in them and tried your scarves and have been a customer ever since! Thank you!

Gail Solon, OH

Thank you for making such a wonderful product. It was a godsend during treatment. Cute and comfy. My three scarves are now with another friend who is fighting cancer - she is the 5th person to borrow these scarves from me in the past year and one half. I always send a link to your page to anyone I know that has been diagnosed with cancer and faces chemo and hair loss. The BeauBeau makes it SO much easier. Thanks so much and Viva La Cure!!

Dana, CA

I am a breast cancer survivor and became a HUGE fan of the Beau Beau over the last year!! I probably have 20 of them. This is one of my favorite pictures of me sailing with four of my best friends/neighbors...these ladies were instrumental in my recovery. Being able to participate in fun activities like sailing with friends is so important when you're in treatment. My Beau Beau's always made me feel confident and attractive and I feel like this picture portrays the empowerment that I felt wearing it!
Best wishes

Laure, New Orleans, LA

Hi Susan,
I received my beaubag and I'm absolutely thrilled with it! I have received compliments when I have been out. Thanks for the sample of hair shampoo and conditioner really nice. Great products.

A happy customer
Wendy, Canada

Just a quick note to let you know what a great product you have produced. This is my second time with breast cancer. I just couldn't stand the wig the first time so I was constantly fussing with scarves. You have designed a scarf that stays on my head and best of all looks amazing!! I opened the box in the chemo waiting room and had passed out all the enclosed cards within minutes. I will definitely be ordering more! Oh, thanks for making the size large!!

Debbie, PA

Thank you so very much for this kind email. Your scarves have been a tremendous help to my little sister, and I will be forever grateful to you for having decided to share them with her and many other cancer patients. We keep looking for more colors and patterns, now specially the very dark browns and the silk blacks. Congratulations on your choices, and thank you for all your care and attention.

Catarina, NY

I received a lovely scrunchie in the mail with a note that Love Bird and Black on Black scrunchies were being made. I am so overwhelmed with this thoughtfulness, thank you! I only wear beaubeau scarves! Every day at work or other places, someone comes up to me and tells me how beautiful they look. They have certainly marked my journey with their uniqueness; and I felt so pretty in them. Thank you for such a wonderful gift to all of us. I want to order some more scarves as I believe in January I will have enough hair to go without them. People have already suggested that I still wear them occasionally and I believe that I will. At least, to celebrate each year I am cancer free or in the month of October.
Take care and thank you again, for making a difference.

Jean, PA

I love my 8 beaubeaus, they have made my struggle with breast cancer and going through the hair loss so much easier. My hair is growing back and am looking forward to the transition scarves next. Thank you Susan for all of the great choices and always answering all my questions when i call you to order.

Lana, FL

My sister was just diagnosed with Leukemia and loosing her hair was traumatic. When I went looking for head wear I was disappointed. The material used and styles made them matronly and outdated. Then I came across your web site and WOW, this is it! I ordered two right away and now this second order. She loves the style, and ease of use. We will be back! Thank you so much.

Lora. NY

I cannot tell you how many times I have been stopped and asked about the scarves. People have commented on how beautiful and flattering they are. When I no longer need the scarves, I plan on donating them to the cancer clinic where I receive my treatments so others may enjoy them to. Thank you for offering such a fine product - I cannot stop buying them!

Pat, TN

I saw the web site in 2005 and immediately fell in love with the Beaubeau design. I had lost all my hair (for the second time) to AU, but at that time, the idea of not wearing a wig seemed totally impossible to me. As beautiful as I thought the scarves were, I believed I had no choice but to dress my head in someone's else's hair. A lot of someone's, actually, when one thinks how many different ponytails make up a wig.

Then in June of this year, I suffered an extreme wig meltdown in the form of complete heat exhaustion after wearing my wig for a leisurely stroll on a ninety-plus degree day. Never had I hated my wigs as much as I did then. My heart raced, and I had to sit and wait out an extreme hypoglycemic attack - all over a fifteen-minute walk!

That did it. Enough, said I. The next day, with my only cotton scarf wrapped around my head, I went on Susan's web site and ordered three Beaubeau scarves. Susan had suggested I try just one to see if I liked it. Heck with that, said I again. As I waited for my order, I washed and packed away my wigs. It was very hard and scary, going "out there" wearing just a scarf or a hat, but since everyone who knows me knows that I am a bald chick, I decided to trust them and trust myself to be accepted without my wigs.

Two days after I placed my order, my first three Beaubeau scarves arrived. I put one on and have never looked back. Ever. Each time I place one on my head, (and my collection has grown big-time!), I feel pretty, stylishly feminine, and a bit on the daring side, too. One of my best friends gave me what I call her "bag o' scrunchies," and I mix them up with my scarves, as well as mix up the ones that come with all the Beaubeaus, too.

For the first time in five grueling years of trying to find my old self by wearing a wig, I realized that I don't need to do that at all, because truth be told, I never went anywhere, did I? I just needed to discover that, and every day now, when I look in my mirror, I think, bless you, Susan. We've never met, but you saved me. Pinkie swear.

Terese Weir, IL

Hi Susan,
Thank you for your beautiful scarves. I just returned to work after being off 9 months and I wasn't comfortable wearing a wig. I feel so much more comfortable wearing the beaubeau scarves. They teased me today at work that I'm color coordinating all my outfits to my scarves. Why wouldn't I? :-) just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you providing a way for women to feel beautiful during a very dark moment in their lives. I tell everyone to check out your website.
Blessings to you!


Hi Susan,
I love my beau beaus and went to a seminar at Mass General Hospital on Monday, and all of the women in the seminar were commenting on how much they loved my beau beau (I wore the Counted Blessings). They all asked where I got it and said that it looked fantastic. Needless to say, you are going to be getting a lot of orders coming from Massachusetts. Also, I gave your website address to my nurse at Blue Cross and Blue Shield who said that she would pass along the information to her other patients who were inquiring about alternative head coverings. She thought that the beau beaus were so cute and stylish!! Finally, I wore my newest beau beau (Essentially Chic) to chemo today and got a lot more inquiries from the ladies at the cancer center-1 woman ordered 3 right away and was going home to order the Essentially Chic one that I was wearing. Just an FYI for you, your product is great and I think the beau beau revolution is starting up here in Massachusetts!! Kindest Regards

Tracy, MA

Hi Susan,
I just wanted to let you know that your scarves had made one of the most difficult challenges in my life easier. I have breast cancer and I am in the middle of chemo. The hardest part was losing my hair. I have a wig as you know it can be itchy, hot and can do the "wig creep" so that your part ends up in the wrong place. I ordered two of the Beaubeaus and I love them. I have people compliment me on my beautiful scarves and so it gives me that confidence that I seem to have lost when my hair fell out. I just ordered three more scarves and I will definitely give the brochures and tell others about your great product. Thanks so much.

Val, AK

Dear Susan, Thank you so much for sending my Ocean View beau beau in time for my holiday! It arrived yesterday and we are leaving this afternoon. Also it is very kind of you to let me keep Orange Blossom - it is not the colors I would have ever picked, however when I tried it on with my holiday clothes it looked lovely! Thank you again for your beautiful beau beaus - this past year has been a true learning curve and I really don't know how I would have coped without them. I still find wearing a wig very difficult and false - the only time I feel like me is when I am wearing my beau beaus and so that is what I do. My beau beaus have given me the confidence to do what makes me feel best, everyone is different and we all have to find our own way of coping with whatever comes our way. Thank you again.

Dorothy, UK

Hi Susan,
I ordered 4 scarves recently for my sister-in-law who is going through chemo for breast cancer. She is 31 and absolutely loves the scarves! They are beautiful and so easy to wear! We are from Houston and she goes to MD Anderson. Today at her appointment so many women complemented her on the super cute leopard Beau Beau she was wearing. The ladies crowded around her and went nuts over it! If you could please send me more brochures and she will pass them out to everyone at her appointments! You have truly made the devastation of losing your hair a fun and stylish experience for my sister-in-law Misty.
Thanks so much and God bless!

Shelby, TX

Thank you so much for your wonderful scarves. I am so comfortable and feel so pretty in the scarf my daughter ordered for me. Thank you! This from the woman who would NEVER go out of the house in anything but a full wig. I have this day ordered additional ones and cannot wait to try them all.

Eileen, NJ

Dear Susan
I bought a beaubeau in May as I was going on a cruise. It was beautiful black and white. It was both comfortable and stylish. My hair is growing again but I shall take my beaubeau with me on holiday to Spain next week to protect from the sun. I am now recovered and planning to return to work thank you for the beautiful head wear which made such a difference to my self esteem while undergoing chemotherapy.

Janice, England

I just love these scarves, so does everyone else. I don't even want to wear that wig! Shower, dressed and my scarf in 10 minutes - what could be better than that! They make a real statement and are just so beautiful - when people acknowledge them I point to it and say "I earned this" - thank you for caring enough to make something so beautiful during a time that can be so challenging. I am attending a new support group on Monday and will be sure to take your handouts - I will wear Hearts of Fire with a sleeveless red shell - outstanding!

Jean, PA

I would like to extend my appreciation to you for making such lovely headwear for us chemo-patients. I have found your scarves to not only be stylish and beautiful, but comfortable and cool to wear. I am one of the people who are unable to stand wearing a wig or hat at the best of times, but have no problem with the BeauBeau scarves. A wonderful product and a very thoughtful idea. Also, your customer-service is second to none! I have had many compliments on my BeauBeau's (I am the proud owner of 7 now)... And recommend them to anyone having a hair loss problem. I have not been able to find anything to compare with them in Canada where I live, and am more than willing to pay the USA exchange to have these lovely scarves.

Linda, Canada

LOVE LOVE LOVE your scarves, you're brilliant. You make bald beautiful. Thank you Susan. XO


I just finished chemo and have worn beaubeaus throughout treatment. Just wanted to share with you that I receive compliments on a daily basis about the beaubeau. I love them, and so does everyone else it seems! My hair is just starting to come back, but wanted to thank you sincerely for the wonderful, beautiful product.


Dear Susan,
I'm attaching a picture of myself for you to add to your picture gallery. I totally love my headscarves and have had only compliments from everyone about how good I look with them. I've now finished all my treatment for breast cancer and my hair is coming back but I'm planning to keep my 2 favourite scarves to wear them when I'm having a bad hair day or want a change but still look good!
Thank you for making me feel elegant and attractive(while having chemo) with those beautiful scarves!

Best wishes
Sofia, UK

Hi Susan,
Just wanted to tell you the scarves were a HUGE hit! My friend loved them and said they were perfect and she loved the patterns! And, she said the wrapping was just lovely! It's a hard time for her so i just wanted to say thanks for helping me put a smile on her face!
Thanks again,

krys, ny

My sister just received her China Doll Aqua scarf and just loves it! I saw her for the first time last weekend since starting chemotherapy and loosing her hair. She is not what you would call a "fashionista" and was wearing a dreadful what I call "do rag" aka man's handkerchief. She needed some help and go it and SO much more. She also said the presentation was beautiful; wrapped very nicely (and it arrived so quickly, too!).
Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Dear Susan:
Las week I ordered two headscarves for my sister in California, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in early January 2009. She had her first chemo a few weeks ago and I was hoping she would receive the scarves before she lost her hair. Well, Io ordered on Tuesday and she called on Friday to say she got the scarves! "They're BEAUTIFUL!" she told me. What perfect timing, since her long, beautiful hair is now thinning and coming out. She commented on how artfully the scarves were wrapped..with the tissue and the signed cards. She is an art designer, and particularly appreciates such nice flourishes. Thank you so much. You do an incredible job of making woman feel good at a particularly challenging point in time.
Thank you.


Dear Susan:
Among many things, I will always be grateful that two years ago, right as I was to begin chemo for ovarian cancer, I found your web site and was able to embrace a new realm of fashion that, without exaggeration, was essential to my well being during a very difficult time. Though I Iost my hair, my figure (due to steroids), my wardrobe (nothing fit), and my life as I had been living it, your scarves enabled me to put forth a sense of personal style, which by the time I was finished treatment, had become a way of life. Unlike wigs which did not suit me at all, and hats which are cumbersome indoors, your beautiful scarves allowed me to retain my femininity and my dignity as I lost my hair. As I look back, I now understand why wearing your scarves was my only option --- I felt that wigs and hats tried to hide my baldness, while your scarves acknowledged my baldness but put something different and beautiful in its place. Even my four kids and husband got into my signature look ----once when I tried to wear my wig, my daughter thought I looked like a "newscaster," and took off at lightning speed to find a scarf suitable for the occasion. Following my recovery and hair growth, I was delighted to pass my scarves on to a number of admirers who were still experiencing hair loss. A lifetime of thank you's for coming to my rescue.

Jayne, NJ

Hello Susan,
I just wanted to say I received my Beau-Beau's just in time for my post head-shaving party on Monday. I am really happy with your product and think it looks just great!! Many blessings to you!

Tara, Canada

Ordered a wig. It looked RIDICULOUS. So back it goes and more beau beaus for me! They make me feel pretty....THANK YOU for this brilliant idea Susan. The fabrics make all the difference....and I don't have to try to tie a big ole scarf to get even a similar effect...just isn't the same. Lovely!!!

Patty, MD

Thank you for the great tips and inspirational video, Susan. Today is my dramatic hair loss day from chemo and you helped make a bit of a trauma a little more bearable. Neither hair, nor cancer will define who I am :)


Just have to say as a side note...out of all the scarves I got during chemo (I didn't wear a wig), yours were my absolute favorite! And so beautiful. I'm now 6 months out of chemo, and my hair is all over the place while I'm trying to grow it out, and was so happy to see you have these "transitional" scarves now!

Lisa, NY

The beaubeaus arrived yesterday while I was having lunch with a friend. We both tried them on and fashioned them in ways you never meant them to be worn and just laughed and laughed (a la Lucy in 1950 with the gathered part on top of our head as if we had pincurls under it and again with the flowing part hanging in front of our faces as a cat toy or just to look mysterious).

I have not yet lost my hair. I begin chemo on the 18th. And so laughing comes easy right now. Still, I will think of this moment when I put them of for real. And oh Susan, these are BEAUTIFUL....very feminine and elegant. I'm glad I splurged for them. I'm glad you invented them. THANK YOU.

Patty, MD

I'm sending some photos of the scarves that I bought from you before xmas. They are awesome!!! Discovering your scarves for my alopecia has been the best thing ever. I generally wear my wig for work now, as these scarves feel more comfortable on a hot day. I am now gaining confidence in facing the world with alopecia, thanks to your scarves. I highly recommend these scarves to anyone.

Angela, Australia

I wanted to thank you so much for the scarves. I'm sure you hear this loads and I don't actually think words can describe how I feel now that i have shaved my head and am wearing the beaubeau! Not only are they beautiful and comfortable, but I have had so many comments about how lovely I look (I will send some photos as I actually think I look better with the beaubeau than with hair!). I've come such a long way over the last few months with dealing with my alopecia (that I've had for nearly 10 years) and feeling great has just helped so much more! Who would have thought a simple scarf could change so much about lifestyle and self-esteem! THANK YOU!

Danielle, UK

I just received your scarves this afternoon and I LOVE them, they are everything i thought they would be and more. I just wanted to thank you for making such a wonderful product and I look forward to more purchases in the very near future.

Anita, Canada

Thanks again for your very fast delivery, since I live so far away. The scarves I received are simply awesome!Now I have 5 beautiful scarves to co-ordinate with what I wear. I must send you some photos of me wearing them soon. THANK YOU !!

Angela, Austraila

Hi! I'm back! Your BeausBeaus were a life saver my first time through chemo. Thought I was done with the bald thing but my breast cancer is back and has metastized to my lungs and liver - not so good! My boyfriend of 5 years and I have decided to get married this coming weekend in a log cabin chalet with all of our friends and family with us. I had hoped that my hair would last until then but as luck would have it... it's falling fast - literally. We are leaving fon Friday morning - so if there's any way I could get these by Thursday that would be awesome. Let me know if you think I need to over-night them - just in case. The only reason I'm not crying hysterically is because of these beautiful BeauBeaus!! Seriously! I'm sure I'll be back for more! Thanks so so much!

Melinda, KY

Hi Susan,
The scarves arrived today and they are just gorgeous I am so thrilled with them! We don't have access to anything remotely as nice as these in New Zealand so I will throw your flyers around as much as I can!!
Thanks so much again.

Tracey, NZ

Thank you for the link to your blogs. I have just viewed your podcast and was so inspired! I admire you for making the choices that you have and for sharing your talents and passions with women who are facing cancer and/or hair loss. I knew from the beginning that a wig was not for me. I have heard from too many women that it wasn't comfortable and if they had one, they never wore it. I can't say that I have always admired my body, but the one part I actually like (most of the time) was my hair and thought of losing it, even temporarily was hard. It was also hard for my children. Anyhow, I looked at a lot of head coverings and none of them really fit what I had in mind until I came across a flyer for your beaubeaus at my drs office. They are easy to use, comfortable and look great! Without it, I am sure I would be a lot more anxious to appear in public. And the personal way in which you conduct your business is especially refreshing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Thank you Susan! You are an angel :) The Sm/Med synergy beaubeau you are sending should do the trick for this event, but it is good to know of the possibility for a special order. After not being invited to a wedding for years, wouldn't you know I have three to go to this year after being diagnosed with cancer?! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your talents with the world and for making us bald headed women feel comfortable and stylish :) I eagerly wait my package....

Many thanks,
Laurie, Maine

Dear Susan
It was in the beginning part of the year that I purchased my beau beau. I can honestly tell you that it has been my best friend and came everywhere with me thoughout the treatment I have been receiving for breast cancer. I could only afford to purchase one, so choose a black one so it would go with everything I wore. I got so many compliments saying how nice it looked. It really gave me the confidence to go out and hold my head high. So many thanks to you.

Lynne, UK

I found your website and the beaubeau during an Internet search as I was about to begin chemotherapy. I quickly ordered several beaubeaus. I still have my hair, although it is only a matter of days before I lose it now, but, thanks to you I am no longer so fearful! Your beaubeaus are beautiful! I will now be able to face my chemo with dignity, style, and a lot of flair! Thank you!

Kym, Michigan

Dear Susan,
Thank you for sending my beaubeau, it fits perfectly and I was so pleased to be able to wear it today. The lighter color made me feel so bright and cheerful and I know my friends at work will love it when I wear it tomorrow. Since losing my hair I have tried twice to get a wig, but they are just so not me and I hate the feel of them on my head. Some of my friends can not understand why I can not bring myself to wear a wig, and sometimes I think it would just be easier for everyone else if I got one, but I have realized that I have to do what is best for ME and at the moment my beaubeaus are helping me cope with everything. This is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me and as it has only been a few months I am still trying to adjust, but I have a wonderful family and friends and I am fit and healthy so life is still good. Thank you again.

Dorothy, UK

I am writing to let you know that I am definitely enjoying all of the beautiful scarves. I have been wearing them and getting many compliments!

Judy, CA

I would just like to say a big thank you for sending my order so quickly. I received it in a week from the time I ordered, pretty good considering I live in Australia!! I tried the beau beau on, it looks pretty good, trendy and modern!! I have never felt comfortable wearing scarfs as I think they are very old fashioned but I am impressed with the beau beau. I think I will feel more confident in spending time at the beach this summer. Having Alopecia is a bit more bearable now. Thank you so much

Angela, Australia

My sister is loving the scarf. She wanted me to tell you, she is really thankful to have been introduced to your product. She is thrilled with it and it makes her feel so much better about her situation! THANK YOU from us both! I have seen my sister go from crying and embarrassed to positive and self-confident! Thank you Susan! My sister watched your video and felt truly inspired by you!

Monica, PA

Hi Susan,
I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for sending my BeauBeaus so quickly and to thank you for being so brilliant to invent such a luxuriously functional and beautiful head covering. I love it! I'm on your site buying more now. I like to change things up in my 'look' a lot and the wig thing just isn't working for me, especially in this heat. My first public appearance where I was admittedly 'bald' was with the confidence of my BeauBeau. I felt beautiful and chic. Thank you again!

God Bless!
Kathy, PA

Dear Susan,
I received the beau beaus the other day. They are completely different to any other scarves. I would not go outside in any other head scarves but these. I am going to order some more.

Elaine, UK

I just returned from a 25 day visit to Pakistan. I took my scarves with me, and all of my relatives loved them. One of my aunts had prepared some thin cotton scarves for me to use there (folding square pieces along the diagonal and sewing the edges). Tying them was too difficult, and even she thought these scarves were better.


Hi Susan
Just thought I'd let you know I've found another sport you can do in a Beau Beau ... sea kayaking! As with running the Beau Beau stays in place and on a hot day, if it gets wet it helps to keep you cool. Thanks for a wonderful product.

Fi, UK

I am a young woman in my early thirties that has lived with some form of Alopecia most of my life. In my teens all of my hair fell out and never returned, it had progressed to Alopecia Universalis. I've always happily worn wigs and have been very satisfied with them. It wasn't until recently while I was researching new products for my online store ( that discovered The Beaubeau!

When I came across The BeauBeau I was instantly impressed with the wide range of fabric selections, there were so many to choose from and hard to pick just one! Susan, you've really hit it on the nose with a great design! I have to say, this headscarf is very easy to wear. I don't have to worry about tying knots to secure it and it stays put without slipping, even on my petite smooth head! My BeauBeau is so comfortable and is a such a nice change form wearing wigs! Now that the warmer weather has arrived I find that I am wearing my head scarf much more often than I ever anticipated. I have received so many compliments on my "Island Surprise" BeauBeau, I never knew that I would look and feel so beautiful!

For me discovering BeauBeau headscarves has been wonderful! For all you ladies that have not yet considered this Alopecia option - I whole heartedly encourage you to do so! I'm looking forward to obtaining more of your headscarves and wish you the very best of success! Thanks again!

Ontario Canada

Sorry that I have never sent a note of appreciation for the two scarves I ordered some months ago. I am very excited about getting the soon-to-be-released "transitional" BeauBeau! This is exactly what I would wear often! It is hard to find pretty headbands that actually fit and stay put. I am sure your upcoming band style will do this to perfection! And let me say that (as a 'home seamstress', which I no longer have time for, in part because I am so exacting) the construction and fabric quality of the BeauBeau scarves are superb! And (once I get it on*), BeauBeau stays put!

The BeauBeau is like the "Lexus" of head coverings, IMHO


I just love my scarves. Everywhere I go people comment on how beautiful they are. I would rather wear my scarf than anything else. May the Lord bless you for making something so cute and stylish to help us feel and look really sassy in our daily life.


I was just given my first three beaubeaus, and I absolutely love them. People say I have a very nice-shaped head, but I still felt different because I was bald. The scarves give me the boost I need to not wear a wig, and they keep my head warm as well. Everyone at the hospital is jealous! :) Thanks again!!

Kristin, OR

Thank you for my lovely three scarf's, they are so easy to put on which I think is a great advantage and look very well too, I wear them with a false fringe and I think I look very well. Can you please send me your brochure as I want to put it up on the notice board at my treatment center as I would like other women to feel as comfortable as I do in the scarf's.

Thanks for sending on the scarf's so quickly I got them within a week all the way to Ireland!

Clare, Ireland

I would just like to say that I have just placed my second order, following my first beaubeau that arrived yesterday. Following my chemo treatment my hair was coming out at a rapid pace I started to look ill and felt quite low. On receiving the scarf it gave me the confidence to shave my head and I feel back in control and ready to face the world again.

Many thanks
Anne, UK

Can I tell you how much I love my beau beau?? I am a dancer with alopecia areata. I finally found an incredible scarf that looks fashionable but stays snug as a bug!!! Now I can just worry about my pirouettes instead of my scarf slipping!

Also a great tying required and when I pull the scarf through the tie holder it looks like I've got talent at scarf tying!!!

Thank you Beau Beau for making me feel pretty and comfortable at the same time!

Stacy, Santa Monica, CA

While at the oncology office today the nurse took a pic of me because she said she absolutely loved how I looked in my Beau Beau. She informed my husband that he should never be upset with me buying more of them as I looked incredible. I loved it! In the 2 months of hair loss I've only worn my wig twice. I prefer the Beau Beaus. Thanks so much for your dedication to fashion and women's health.

Cindy, IA

I just got my Beaubeaus!! they are beautiful. I'm not dreading the loss of my hair as much as I was before. These are a godsend. Thank you!


The order arrived perfectly today ! rapid delivery ! They are beautiful as usual. Maybe more! I thought I might attach a picture of me taken last year in July with one of your beaubeau, very appropriate as you would see!

I stopped wearing beaubeaus in December as my hair started to come back. But, in prevision of the next treatment that seems to be for next month, I decided that I needed to have your wonderful new ones, and prepare this situation in a constructive way. And really, it will help me when the time comes to wear them. How good it is to have something bright, colorful, and not sad on your head at any time! I also wanted to tell you what a young boy (14 years old) told me when I was wearing them: "you look too cool, and it is like pirates in the Caribbean, so fashion!". And I feel so good with them. Thanks for all the people who can live with those!

Christine, Belgium

Dear Susan,
You may remember, I rang you from Donegal, Ireland yesterday enquiring when the scarves I ordered would arrive? Well, I am delighted to say they arrived today - exactly 10 days since I ordered them. Thank you very much.

May I say - I don't want my hair to grow back! I only came across your website on the Saturday I ordered from it and am really sorry I did not come across it at the beginning of my chemo sessions. I endured other scarves and a wig throughout my six sessions, which have now finished and I was looking for something comfortable to wear whilst my hair grows back. I must say they are the most comfortable scarf to wear and so fashionable - they are just what I was looking for! I love them. I shall inform my other chemo friends of your website.

Thank you for the prompt delivery and I will be proud to be seen in them.

Bernie, Ireland

As a 6-month user of nothing on my bald head except your BeauBeaus, I want to tell you how much I am enjoying your newest email and all my BeauBeaus. I don't know how I would have made it through this far without them! My friends say, "Carol, you are absolutely beautiful." I've never been called "beautiful" before (except by my parents and husband), so this has been a real morale booster. It looks as though I am currently in remission, so before long I'll be going from "beautiful" back to just "ordinary." C'est la vie! Thank you for entering my life.


Hi Susan,
I am 37 years old and was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I started chemotherapy in January and was not sure what I was going to do when my hair fell out. I just didn't want to wear a wig but was not impressed with any of the scarves. I found your website and once I ordered one I was hooked! I decided not to purchase a wig and instead wear scarves from your website.

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy wearing your scarves. I received so many compliments on the scarf in addition to numerous inquiries as to where I purchased the scarf. I work out every day and several women asked me where I got my scarf. They were tired of wearing baseball caps and wanted something more "fun and motivating." I gave them your website and they are going to order some, too! It's' fun to be a trend setter!

I am attaching a photo of a wedding I attended in NYC with my husband so you could see one of the scarves I ordered as well as an "update" that we send to our friends to let you know we approach this with a positive attitude.

Thank you so much for allowing me to feel good and confident about myself in such a trying time of my life!

Megan, PA

Hi Susan,
I wanted to thank you for designing such wonderful scarves! During my chemo I found a natural-looking wig, but I soon discovered that wigs can get itchy and hot. Around the house I was wearing a bandana which did not look attractive. I am so pleased to have discovered your scarves! My daughter helped me pick out the fabrics and they're beautiful. I'm a klutz at tying scarves so I love the fact that I can just put this on with no fuss. With warmer weather on the way I'm grateful to have something I feel good in that won't get too hot.

Joanna, Canada

First of all I would like to thank you for your service, its excellent!!, and for designing these beautiful and practical scarves. I am a 31 year old and was diagnosed with cancer a month ago. I started my chemo 3 weeks ago and hair is starting to fall. I have looked all over the Internet for scarves and yours are perfect for those of us going through cancer who don't want to wear wigs. I just think they are beautiful and I am even excited to wear them. In a strange way I can't wait for the hair to fall off so I can have an excuse to use them.

By the way, I think the exercise scarves are GREAT!!! They are practical and very COOL for those of us who like to work out.

Levia, PR

Just received my BeauBeau and I love it, love it, love it! I actually went to a restaurant today for the first time since loosing my hair to chemo. Thank you so much for your thoughtful and beautiful product.

Helen, California

I have 6 beau beau's and I love them so much. They are by far the cutest scarves to wear when you are bald.

Sonja, Indianapolis

Wanted to let you know my girlfriend received the scarves I ordered from you and was absolutely thrilled with them..... Thank you so much and I will be in touch again for more........


I have all your scarves hanging on a special hanger. Everyone I show them to really think they are pretty. If I have to lose my hair, I will be proud to wear them. Since I have to deal with this, at least I will feel pretty while I go through it. As I progress through my chemo, you will probably see me in a picture with one of your Beau Beaus. Honestly, they are the one reason I'm not as scared about losing my hair. Thanks again.

Lisa, Florida

I can't thank you enough for the extra attention with my previous order when you called to advise one was not in the size I ordered and to confirm sizes. I received my order very quickly and absolutely LOVE my new beaubeau's. I have just placed an order for 7 more. Hair is gone now and you are the very best!!! Please feel free to use my comments on your website.

Leslie, Eugene, Oregon

Dear Susan:
I've now bought 6 (I think) of your wonderful beaubeaus and don't know what I would do without them. They have made having no hair fun, and my friends tell me all the time how pretty I look. I love it!
Thank you again for being there for us hairless wonders!!

Carol, CA

I am a high school teacher and your scarves have been a godsend. I ended up having to shave my head not once but twice since my hair fell out a couple of weeks after my first chemo treatment and right after my final treatment. Now I am enjoying the regrowth of my hair. I still have to wear your scarves, but it has not been a hardship. I normally wear my hair very short. The scarves have been a good fashion accessory for me. Thank you for providing an excellent and beautiful product. I have received many compliments about the scarves. I am sending you a group photograph taken after I had to shave my head for the first time. Some of my colleagues donned scarves to provide moral support. I am, however, wearing the most attractive scarf! Thank you!


Thanks for the very fast shipping. I love the BeauBeaus!. I wear them everywhere, and am now a spokeswoman for you just like my neighbor. No more wigs and scarves for me!

Caroline, VA

Hi Susan:
Just to say that I do not know what I would do without my Beau Beau's!!!! They are amazing! I feel very self conscious in a wig but feel that I can be myself with my beaubeau's. I think that everyone who is having treatment should be aware of your product. We need to spread the word!!!!!

Sue D, UK

I have already ordered two scarves and I absolutely love them. I also have a wig that I paid a lot of money for but I have only been wearing your scarves. I LOVE THEM!

Adrienne, MI

Hi Susan,
I wanted to tell you how much I LOVE the beaubeaus! I love them so much I am going to order some for my sister-in-law who is also going through chemo. Thank you so much for such an excellent product!

Big hugs,

I just wanted to let you know that my mom really liked the scarves! She was so excited to have something to cover her head with, especially when she goes into the kitchen so she doesn't have to worry about shedding hair into food she's preparing. She also said they were very comfortable.....much more comfortable than the hats she had asked for! Thank you so much for your help in getting these for my mom! I know it will help her feel beautiful, even though she'll likely lose all of her hair. (By the way, I showed them to some of the ladies I work with and they just thought they were the neatest things!! They raved about how pretty they were!)


As I progess through chemo I find that of all of my hats and scarves I love wearing yours the most. They make me feel great and they make me feel beautiful! Thank you!!

Linda W

Your scarf is the only one I can grab on my way out the door and still look good all day - I'm in radiation now and have no time for all the tying my regular scarves require. Your product is such a time saver and ego boost. Thanks!


I LOVE your product. The beaubeau's have made chemo induced hair loss more than tolerable. I've never felt more fashionable. Thank you.


I received my beaubeau today and I love it! It is lovely. I was dreading the idea of wearing a scarf which to me seemed like wearing a neon sign that says "I have cancer. I have no hair". When I found your website, I thought, "Oh that's nice. I'll give it a try. It will be something comfortable to wear around the house instead of a wig", thinking it was "just a scarf". But now that I have tried it on, my attitude has changed completely. I am actually looking forward to wearing it, and I will definitely be wearing it in public. I think it looks more like a fashion scarf than that "neon sign" I have been dreading. I see myself wearing it long after my hair has grown back. I am giving this website to my family and telling them that beaubeau's are on my Christmas wish list if they ask me what I want. Thank you very much!

Susan S, Maryland

I received the first scarf and I just love it! I am looking forward to the other 3. I will be wearing them every day - they will make my chemo-situation much easier.


Thanks Susan for making beaubeaus available - other headscarves out there are nothing compared to yours.


I got my scarf this morning and it is so lovely - the head part which is ivory lined is a perfect match for my dress while the sheer part compliments the other detail perfectly. I just wanted to say that I have had a number of problems with Internet orders recently but it has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you. Your service is wonderfully personal, quick and efficient and it is such a shame that other companies are unable to provide a comparable service. I will pass the leaflets on to a couple of other departments at the hospital as I am regularly complimented on my BeauBeau's™.
Thank you so much for your help.

Karen, UK

My scarves arrived today - they are both gorgeous and fun! I was actually pretty good at tying scarves, but these are so convenient to put on and feel so secure (the fit is perfect so thank you for that advice).
It's too bad for your business that I didn't find these at the beginning of my treatment, because two definitely wouldn't be enough! And who knows still....
Many thanks. I'm going to spread the word about the BeauBeau™.

Deb, Ottowa CA

I am so glad that I found your website. I have searched the web for a few days and nothing seemed to fit my sister until I found your site.Your products are beautiful. You have given so much hope and beauty to a lot of women and children with hair loss.Thanks so much for doing that.

Greetings!! The Beau Beau™ are amazing, stylish, and beautiful scarves. I received my scarves just days before I shaved my head due to breast cancer treatment. The ease and style of the scarves allow me to walk out and just live life with confidence. The fabrics & craftsmanship is top notch as I've received numerous compliments on my scarves. Thank you for creating a fashionable option as I vowed not to loose my sense of style. With that said, I love spreading the word about your site to other women.

Much Success, L.
Seattle, WA

Yesterday, I received the scarf I purchased for my dear neighbor, who begins chemo this week. I gave it to her this morning and within 15 minutes she had come over to show me how wonderful it looks. She told me that she has been dreading even looking for hats and scarves because that would just underscore the fact that she was going to lose her hair. She said that her beaubeau was gorgeous and just what she needed to feel good about herself -- and she was happy that I had picked such a vibrant color (the "Brilliant Idea") because it was something she would never have chosen for herself. She was just glowing telling me how beautiful it made her feel....I cannot thank you enough!


A belated note to say that my Beaubeaus™ have arrived last week and I am delighted with them. I am going to make the most of my enforced hair loss to make a statement with such beautiful scarves. I will certainly be recommending them to everyone I know. I have had such compliments about them.

Kind regards
Sharon, UK

My Beau Beau™ scarf is sexy, chic, and oh, so comfortable! Thank you, Susan. I'll never go back to ordinary scarves. I love it!

Margaret H. Baker
Actress, Model
(New York, NY)

Our friend received the scarves, and absolutely loves them! Thank you for the quick delivery and email responses---we will be sure to do business with you in the future and pass the word around how great your company is! Thank you again!


Just to let you know that the scarves arrived safely this morning - what fantastic service.. and they are GORGEOUS!! What a great lift to my spirits. Thank you so much.

Diane, UK

I wanted to let you know that I am a huge fan of your product and just ordered three more scarves. I am going through chemotherapy and wear your designs virtually every day. Although I am adept at tying scarves, and occasionally wear them, they don't offer the security, ease, flattering shape and elegant pattern of your designs. Strangers have complimented me on them, not knowing that I am wearing them out of necessity instead of just using them as an accessory.

Rhonda, PA

The scarves arrived yesterday. They are beautiful as I knew they would be - thank you so much. I cannot tell you how much better wearing them has made me feel about losing my hair: everyone comments on my positive attitude and I tell them it's all down to discovering your web site and your wonderful BeauBeaus™. All the nurses at the hospital and all my friends comment on how good the scarves look and it's great to feel confident and good about my appearance during this somewhat challenging time.

With best wishes


I have received many compliments on my BeauBeau™ scarves. I'm going through chemo treatments and it's so difficult to find scarves that will fit on my head, not to mention trying to tie them correctly. These scarves are so easy to put on and they are beautiful. Thank you so much!


I just received my sixth scarf from you earlier this week. All six are beautiful, elegant, sophisticated, and very versatile - I love them! My daughters think I look really "cool", and my husband truly thinks I look more beautiful in them than when I wear a wig. I've had women I barely know approach me at my kids' sports games asking me about them too. Most importantly, I feel good about myself when I wear one of your scarves and this allows me to step into the world with confidence, with or without hair. Thank you.

Andrea, Alberta Canada

I just want to tell you once again that I LOVE my Beaubeaus™ - they have made this hair loss thing so much easier. I have a wig, scarves, and hats but if I can match it to my outfit I will go for one of my Beaubeaus™ instead -EVERYTIME!!! They feel great and don't "squeeze" my head like everything else does - your creation has been sent from heaven!!!!! Thanks again


Thank you so much for the beautiful scarves that you sent. They arrived safely and bring my total collection now to six.

I had very long thick hair and lost 80% of it in under a week due to my chemotherapy treatment. The loss of my hair has left me totally devastated but your scarves are helping me adjust and cope with the change. They are also extremely comfortable to wear and I much prefer them to my wig, which I am still finding hard to accept even though it looks good.

May I wish you all the best with your business and thank you once again for your prompt and excellent service.

Elizabeth, UK

I hate wigs and I'm not crazy about hats but I love your scarves. Thanks again.


Love the scarves! They're really comfortable and so easy just to slip on rather than other scarves which are a hassle to tie and try and make sure they're all tucked in right. Thanks again! I may well be in touch in the future!

Alice, UK

Many thanks Susan for a wonderful product. Putting on your scarves makes me feel "pretty" - just as good as if I had my hair!!

Wendy R

I received my new black and white Beau Beau™ in the mail today. The garment is beautiful! It is so comfortable and easy to wear. I may never put a wig on again.

Lisa C

I received my Mums BeauBeaus™ this morning. They are brilliant!!! She is so pleased with them, I cant believe how much so. Thanks again for your help. She knows that her hair will go but is now a bit more confident knowing that she has these to wear. Thanks again.

Lorriane, UK

I plan on wearing my BeauBeau™ to my synagogue and telling all my friends about your wonderful site ! Not only is the BeauBeau™ great for covering ones hair due to medical reasons, but it is also wonderful for those who cover their hair for religious reasons.

Kerry B

These Beaubeaus™ are wonderful!!! It sure does make life more pleasant when you feel better about your appearance!!! Thanks again!


I am so happy with my purchase. Your scarves are by far the cutest and most stylish I found. There aren't many scarf options out there that would exude confidence like your scarves. You have a great thing going!!

Laura D

"Thanks to your beautiful scarves I feel very fashionable while going through my chemo treatments. I want to thank you for your lovely product."


"I want to thank you for the scarf I just received. My daughter is 2 1/2 and has alopecia totalis. This is by far the best thing I have found for her. I will be ordering more!! Thank you it has made my day!!!!"


"Just wanted to let you know that I feel more beautiful now - then I did when I had hair. Thank you for such a wonderful product."


"These scarves are amongst the most well made and innovative that I have seen! The unique gathering in the back is a wonderful addition to an already beautiful head piece and something that makes the garment more secure and user-friendly to the woman wearing it. I would recommend these to any woman looking for a comfortable, beautiful head covering!"

Amy Grillo
Education and Conference Coordinator
Living Beyond Breast Cancer

The beaubeau is beautiful and so easy to wear. I have been able to use it on many occasions.


LOVE my new BeauBeau® scarf. Not only is it gorgeous, it's so soft next to my skin. I also love the flexibility of being able to style it in different ways and knowing that it's secure and won't fall off. I can't wait to buy more in different colors!

Sue A.

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