Cancer hats, cancer scarves, medical headwear for hair loss. Scarves for cancer, chemotherapy, alopecia, trichotillomania and other cancer patients.

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Bald as a Bean
For anyone who has lost, or is about to lose hair, from chemotherapy, alopecia or some idiopathic cause, this book is a must read.
Dedicated to improving the quality of life for women of all ages living with alopecia areata by enhancing their self-esteem and self-confidence and by increasing their capacity to manage effectively all aspects of their lives with alopecia. To improve the acceptance of bald women nationally and internationally by increasing public awareness and knowledge about alopecia areata.

Blog for a Cure
The mission of Blog for a Cure is to make life a little bit easier for cancer survivors by providing a free personal web publishing service for them and continuing to develop and upgrade this service to be the best it can be for its users.

Breast Cancer Partner
Breast Cancer Partner functions as a "partner" to breast cancer survivors (and their families) who are nearing the end of or have completed treatment, are on their journey to recovery, or who are cancer free. Our goal is to help breast cancer survivors effectively cope with and manage life post-treatment, empower them to become their own health and wellness advocate and adopt a lifestyle and practices aimed at cancer prevention and survival.

Breast Cancer Support
Informative breast cancer support site with many specific topic boards. Meeting Place for Survivors board.

Breast Friends Forever
The goal of Breast Friends Forever is to support those individuals and their families who have been diagnosed with, and are fighting Breast Cancer, deal with the consequences of this diagnosis by providing emotional, intellectual, spiritual and financial support and resources in their time of need. Breast Friends Forever encourages young women to take charge of their health by performing monthly breast self examinations.

Breast Investigators
Breast Investigators is an informational website and social network where members share knowledge on the prevention, early detection, treatment, survivorship and advocacy of breast cancer. Combining authoritative information, quality resources, and effective networking, Breast Investigators provides women and men with the information they need to take action and make informed decisions about their breast health. Network members include proactive women and men, breast cancer survivors, advocates, non-profit support organizations, in addition to healthcare and wellness professionals. This combination of membership allows for shared knowledge on the network creating a community connecting members

Breast Investigators
Breast Investigators is a website and Breast Cancer Social Network with a focus on the prevention, early detection, treatment, survivorship and the CURE of breast cancer. We offer information about local and national organizations, programs, websites, events and news that support this focus. was created to address the need for accessible, understandable, and compassionate information about breast cancer treatment issues so that patients can make the best decisions for their lives. The web site features more than 4,000 pages of up-to-date medical information, daily Research News updates, online Ask-the-Expert conferences, active online discussion boards and chat rooms, and easy-to-understand publications.

Cancer and Careers
Cancer and Careers is committed to changing the face of cancer in the workplace by providing a comprehensive website and free publications in both English and Spanish as well as offering a series of support groups and educational seminars for employees with cancer; while also being a resource for their employers, caregivers and co-workers.

Cancer Endeavors - For Women Fighting Cancer
Online site providing you with direct links to shop for wigs,eyelashes,eyebrows, hats,scarves,books,supplements and support. Designed by a cancer survivor to help you find whatever you'll need to help you beat your illness. We're here to help!

Cancer Help Online
Links to 1000's of cancer sites

Cheryn International
Natural looking products for people who suffer from hairloss, eyelash and eyebrow loss. Two helpful books for sufferers of Trichotillomania, as well as family members.

Children's Alopecia Project
The only non-profit devoted specifically to Alopecia amonng children. Their goal is to raise awareness, funds and self-esteem in children.

Cinco Vidas
A company focused on helping those living with cancer, Cinco Vidas provides information about solutions that alleviate the side effects of treatment and works to create awareness about carcinogens in food, the environment and personal care products.

Circus of Cancer
Circus of Cancer is the place to go when someone you love is diagnosed with breast cancer. You'll see a hundred ways to help and tips on what to say (and what not to say). The site has beautifully written personal essays by Kelly Corrigan about each stage of the breast cancer experience, as well as photo essays to help you empathize.

Daily Strength
Daily Strength was built to enable people facing life challenges to simply and easily communicate their progress with friends, family, supporters, and have those people respond with encouragement and help. And also to find others facing the same circumstances, and exchange experiences, treatments and even hugs within a safe community setting.

Eazy Brow
Want beautiful eyebrows? Eazy Brow, a hands free adjustable eyebrow mask does all the work. Simply fill in the eyebrow templates on the eyebrow mask with your eyebrow powder or pencil. With Eazy Brow there is no guessing or wasting time on the placement of your eyebrows. Eazy Brow gives you straight expression-responsive eyebrows every time. Beautiful eyebrows complete your face! Please enter the Promo Code "Beau" during your checkout. 972-259-7002

Elyn Jacobs - Cancer Coach
A cancer diagnosis is devastating and having an advocate along the way can make a huge difference in the ensuing battle. Elyn is a cancer coach and a breast cancer survivor. She empowers women to successfully navigate the process of treatment and care. Discover how you can take a greater role in choosing the best treatment and team, and find the help you need and deserve. Elyn is passionate about helping others get past their cancer and into cancer-free lives.

FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered
FORCE is a national nonprofit organization devoted to individuals and families affected by hereditary breast and ovarian cancer or in which a BRCA mutation is present.

Fuller Hair Inc.
Debbi provides women, men and children who have total or near total hair loss from alopecia or other causes with the Freedom Hair TM full scalp vacuum-fit all-silicone, unprocessed European hair prosthesis.

Grow Beyond Cancer
Experience cancer as an opportunity for inner growth. Listen and download free 25 minute mind-body cancer support meditation of encouragement and hope.

Hair Loss In Women
HLIW is a national health organization committed to the education and support of women suffering from hair loss.

Hair Loss in Women
You have women's hair loss project which is one of my favorites, but it looks like hair loss in women is missing from your list! Hope this helps and have a good night! Lisa

Healthy Steps
Healthy-Steps, Moving You to Better Health with the Lebed Method, is a therapeutic exercise and movement program with wonderful music designed to help you thrive!

Hope for Two...The Pregnant with Cancer Center
Hope for Two...The Pregnant with Cancer Network is an organization dedicated to providing women diagnosed with cancer while pregnant with information, support and hope.

I Had Cancer
I Had Cancer( a free, international social support network for everyone who has/had cancer or is supporting someone through the disease. The focus is on helping users connect around shared experiences. Search the community by type of cancer, type of user (supporter, survivor and fighter), age, year of diagnosis, gender and location. Check out other interesting features that help facilitate communication between users such as Dear Cancer, Discussions and Newsfeed. I Had Cancer helps people deal with cancer before, during and after treatment.

I'm a Kid Foundation
A non profit organization supporting children with medically related hair loss. Resources, Information, Awareness, Programs, and Support.

Jeans Cream for Radiation Side Effects
Jeans Cream is a radiation burn cream designed to protect & heal skin from radiation side effects. It is doctor approved and recommended at premier hospitals around the U.S.

JILLIES Treatment Wear for women provides privacy, comfort and style when needed most. Each JILLIE has been designed to meet the unique needs of women undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Wearing your own JILLIE is just a small step in maintaining your identity during recovery. Each JILLIE is made from 100% natural cotton and comes with a coordinating tote bag. A JILLIE makes a thoughtful gift for a special woman undergoing cancer treatment. Wear It Well.

JSAW Mastectomy Designs
Interactive Mastectomy clothes store where you choose the mastectomy options and size (or combination of sizes)you need and want for your mastectomy clothes.

Libre- Clothing for Chemotherapy and Dialysis Patients
Libre is dedicated to providing comfortable, functional clothing for chemotherapy and dialysis patients. Libre products are developed with the customer in mind as we strive to ease the burden of treatment days. Libre offers sweatshirts, sweaters, and pants with hidden zippers over port locations in the arm, chest, or leg. These openings provide visible access to nurses, while keeping patients warm and removing their need to undress. Our goal is to make each patient's life a little more "Libre"!

Living Beyond Breast Cancer
A national nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering all women affected by breast cancer to live as long as possible with the best quality of life. Programs and services include conferences, teleconferences, the Survivors' Helpline (888.753.5222),, newsletters, recordings, publications, networking programs and a library.

LympheDIVAs is dedicated to creating \"medically correct fashion\" - fashionable compression apparel for the savvy and stylish breast cancer survivor to inspire her to feel strong, beautiful, and confident.

Melanoma International Foundation
The mission of the Melanoma International Foundation is to ease the burden and bring hope & understanding to the journey of melanoma through the promotion of patient support, early detection education and advocacy.

Mesothelioma Web
A comprehensive web site on asbestos and mesothelioma for over ten years, providing information and support to those who have been exposed to asbestos. Mesothelioma Web has achieved HON (Health On the Net) code approval; HON is a non-profit organization whose mission is to guide people to accurate medical information and expertise online and thereby to contribute to improved health care through patient empowerment and better informed health professionals.

My Journey Through Breast Cancer Treatment
I’ve learned a lot since going through breast cancer treatment that I want to share. I wish I had had someone like me to talk to and learn from when I was going through my treatment and surgeries and complications… I wore nothing but your beau-beaus throughout my entire treatment and LOVED them - I was so glad to have found your site! I wrote an article titled "Chemotherapy Hair Loss Products" and posted a link to your site ( Cancer Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that encourages cancer patients and caregivers to create free, customized websites. Our mission is to empower patients and caregivers to build an online support community of family and friends to foster connection, inspiration, and healing.

National Alopecia Areata Foundation
The mission of the National Alopecia Areata Foundation (NAAF) is to support research to find a cure or acceptable treatment for alopecia areata, to support those with the disease, and to educate the public about alopecia areata.

Now What! Now What is a website for young people dealing with cancer (young people who have cancer, have a sibling, parent or friend with cancer, or whose sibling, parent or friend has died from cancer). It provides young people information, support and connection. Information ranges from cancer types and treatment, to coping strategies for dealing with grief and loss. It also has a community available for young people to discuss issues, and the site contains many stories, so young people can find others in the same situation and understand they are not alone. Health professionals can also order resources to give young people in their care living with cancer. Young people have been extensively involved in the development of this site, and it is proudly brought to young people by CanTeen – the Australian Organisation for Young People Living with Cancer.

Pink-Link Online Cancer Support Network
Pink-Link is a nonprofit organization which provides an online support resource for women affected by breast cancer. On our website,, women can connect with other women with similar breast cancer issues using the search capabilities of our innovative online database. Our members can create a personal journal, to keep family and friends updated about their treatment and get help from our on-staff professionals regarding nutrition, exercise, skin care and alternative medicine. All services provided on our website are completely free. We rely on the generosity of individual donors to fund our organization.

A really wonderful organization to ensure that no one face breast cancer or ovarian cancer alone. New York City based with national hotlines for breast & ovarian cancer.

Spirited Sisters, Inc.
Spirited Sisters fashionable Patient Apparel & Recovery Wear Founded on personal experience with Cancer, Spirited Sisters understands the physical, mental and emotional demands of any illness. Their mission is to show people they can remain attractive, dignified and emotionally empowered while fighting any disease. Healing Threads are perfect for medical treatments including chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

TalkAboutHealth is a breast cancer question and answer web site that is created, curated, and improved by the community. We match the right people to support each other for personalized, helpful, and accurate health information.

This is a fabulous tool to help women going through any crisis or change. The author Betty Hill Crowson is a breast cancer survivor herself- the book is a fabulous gift to help women find joy- and to help them as a caregiver or as a patient through dark days. It is about dealing with life!

The Miracle Kids
Really nice site for kids and families

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network
The goal of is to educate and prepare patients with cancer to engage in more informed conversations with health care providers so they can live longer and better quality lives.

The Women's Hair loss Project
The Women's Hair Loss Project Network is a community for women with hair loss. The Network along with the Women's Hair Loss Project Blog lets women know they are not alone.

Tiger Lily Foundation
Educating, advocating for, empowering and providing hands-on support to young women – before, during and after breast cancer. Email: Phone: 888-580-6253

TLC - Trichotillomania Learning Center
The Trichotillomania Learning Center (TLC) is a non-profit resource for compulsive hair-pullers & skin-pickers, their families and friends, medical and mental health professionals, and others interested in learning about this often-misunderstood disorder.

Wellsphere’s mission is to help millions of people live healthier, happier lives by connecting them with the knowledge, people and tools they need to manage and improve their health.

Women's Cancer Network
Developed by the Gynecologic Cancer Foundation and CancerSource for women and their families

Women's Hair Loss Support Forum -
Women's Hair Loss Information Research and Support - Online Support Community for Women with all forms of Alopecia (Areata, Totalis, Universalis, Androgenetic, Telogen Effluvium)
Susie's Cause otherwise known as The Susan Cohan Kasdas Colon Cancer Foundation, is a national grassroots organization rapidly expanding itself as the voice of Colon Cancer nationally and internationally.

Young Survival Coalition
The only international non-profit organization dedicated to the unique needs and issues of young women who are facing breast cancer. "Young" can mean pre-menopausal and/or women in their 20's, 30's, and 40's.

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