Cancer hats, cancer scarves, medical headwear for hair loss. Scarves for cancer, chemotherapy, alopecia, trichotillomania and other cancer patients.

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The Beau Beau
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what is a beaubeau®?


About the Beaubeau

Chemo Caps have gone chic!

For a woman, a bald head is an announcement to the world - "I'm different" or "I'm sick". When women are faced with hair-loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia or any medical hair loss, they cover their heads with cancer turbans, chemo hats, bandanas, scarves or wigs. Women want to feel as beautiful as they did when they had hair. This is why I designed the BeauBeau®.

The beaubeau scarf is a fashionable alternative to wearing a wig - the closest thing to having hair! BeauBeau's were designed with comfort in mind and at the same time making a fashionable, sophisticated statement. With elegance and distinction, we unite the world of fashion with medical hair loss. A scarf is an important fashion accessory, like a handbag or shoes. Wearing a head scarf can add beauty and charm to the appearance of a woman and create a powerful image. A beautiful outfit deserves an equally beautiful scarf!

Cancer patients, alopecia patients or any women or girls suffering from medical hair loss can enjoy the versatility of the beaubeau. These fashionable and comfortable chemo caps come in 4 different sizes (Petite/Small, Small/Medium and Medium/Large) and are already pre-designed - no tying necessary. You don't have to be an expert at tying scarves - the design is already in place. The beaubeau is lined with exquisitely soft cotton, preventing slippage and acting as a wicking layer, never hot. Each cancer scarf comes with a matching scrunchie that allows a variety of styling options. The long tails are both feminine and useful. You can wear the tails loosely and cascading, off to the side, or you can tie them up with the scrunchie in a chic bun. The possibilities are endless - use your imagination and create your own personalized look. Beaubeau head scarves are attractive, comfortable, stylish and elegant with a sense of fashion in mind. Cancer hats have NEVER looked so chic! offers these fashionable cancer scarves in a myriad of gorgeous fabrics in colors, prints, solids, designer fabrics and much more. Choose from soft rayon, delicate silk and workout fabrics. We focus on uniqueness over mass production, creating beautiful scarves to compliment your wardrobe from casual to elegant. We appreciate the need to keep bald heads warm. We offer a unique solution to keeping your bald noggins warm when the temperature changes - our very own Headwarmers and Jersey Girls. These special fabrics take the chill out of the air and are fashionable too - from rayon jersey as soft as your favorite sweater to cotton/cashmere blends that are elegant and cozy at the same time. We also offer fashionable solutions for when hair sprouts again, but doesn't yet qualify as style. The new Transitional beaubeau will help cancer patients through their re-growth phase in a stylish manner! The transitional beaubeau is a chic way to show off your newly grown hair or any hair style.

Our girls head scarves are fun to wear. Mom and daughters can wear the same style or choose their own. Hair loss is not a requirement to wearing the beaubeau!

Remember our motto to cancer patients, alopecia patients or any woman or girl suffering from medical hair loss: "Just because you lost your hair does not mean you have lost your sense of style."

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