Cold Caps - yeah or nay.

 Once again, cold caps (caps worn during chemotherapy to prevent hair loss) are making headlines.  These caps have been used in other countries with some success which has helped spread awareness about cold cap therapy. Chemotherapy drugs act by killing cancer cells that divide rapidly (such as hair follicles) which leads to hair loss.  For some women, it’s one of the most dreaded side effect, even causing some women to by pass treatment in order to keep their hair. I know to some, this may sound like excessive vanity but more and more, our medical professionals are beginning to recognize the impact hair loss has on a women’s self esteem.

These caps work by reducing blood flow to the scalp with near-freezing temperatures which makes it more difficult for chemotherapy drugs to reach the scalp and harm hair follicles.  Before an FDA approval is possible, US researchers need to put this experimental hair-preserving treatment to a rigorous test.

Cold cap therapy may  become a part of chemotherapy treatment.  Hair loss due to cancer fighting drugs could very well be eliminated.  How do you feel about cold caps?  Would  you be willing to endure the caps during your treatment in order to preserve your hair?

Susan M. Beausang


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