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I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer last February, at age 41. I found the tumor myself and we knew soon that cancer was in a lymph node, too. My husband and I found an oncologist and a clinical trial that we felt good about and I’ve been lucky through it all to have plenty of support and resources.

But I was so worried about our children in those first few weeks that I could hardly breathe.

paradise-found-in-chocolate-and-aqua-power.JPGOnce we assured our 6-year-old son that he couldn’t catch cancer, he stayed blissfully unconcerned for a few months. It was tougher for our daughter. At 8-years-old, she asked some heartbraking questions, but her most vocal concerns were about hair loss. She begged me to have a wig ready to put as soon as I shaved my head. So I spent $500 on a wig. I hated it.

Searching for an alternative, I tried giant cotton scarves, beanies, strecthy tubes of fabric and hats with ponytails attached. Finally, I read about BeauBeau® scarves in an online support group.

Paradise Found Chocolate arrived first and my daughter and I both loved how it looked - it’s still my dressy favorite. It was wrapped in pink tissue with the sparkly Aqua Power scarf, which my daughter claimed as her own. I knew then that I’d never have to wear the wig. When I first wore So Scarlet, she said, “You look beautiful, Mommy. It suits you.” Best compliment ever.My favorite, though, is my Grape Rush Exercise BeauBeau┬«. Stretchy and machine-washable, it catches sweat, but doesn’t slide or show sweat stains. When I’m hiking in the woods, it just looks like a cool head scarf and I feel strong and normal. Not like a cancer patient at all.


Six months of neoadjuvant chemotherapy, plus a bilateral mastectomy and removal of 8 lymph nodes on September 28th, helped me start Breast Cancer Awareness month cancer-free. My family is all breathing easier and no one cares anymore what is or isn’t on my head. Still, I wore my favorite BeauBeau┬« just yesterday. A week after my surgery, I can raise my arms enough to slide it on before a long walk. Nothing’s better than getting back to normal.

Maybe my wig will finally get used on Halloween.

Nicole Yates

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